dominos pizza order status screen

dominos pizza order status screen

Anyone else ordered pizza from Domino’s lately?  this is the screen that you get after you place your order.  I’ve only ordered from them about 4 or 5 times with this system, but it’s awesome, cause I know right when I need to get money out and to find pants to answer the door.

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    I like the idea, but nothing could induce me to eat a Dominos Pizza.

    Kik Dogg

    What if they changed everything? The crust, the sauce, the toppings? Everything, from the bottom up? Would you try it then? Huh?


    I had the new Dominos pizza. The thing was fucking godlike.


    Related note: I just had the last slice. Even microwaved, it’s de-goddamn-licious.


    Prolly not. Are they the ones doing that? I saw a commercial for that, but don’t remember which chain it was.


    Having been involved in the pizza industry it is my professional opinion that the new dominos pizzas are indeed good. Also Fuck Chicago.


    “Having been involved in the pizza industry”… = Lame ass delivery boy.
    You sir are a douche.
    Chicago pizza rocks!


    No, but now I’m fucking hungry. And I just ate like a half hour ago.


    Fucking love pizza way to much … I do this at least once a week. I like how at the very bottom of the page it says that the delivery charge is not the tip, and to please reward our drivers for their awesomeness.


    It’s cool having a timer, but it’s a load of shit gimmick. Obviously there isn’t someone keying into a computer when each pizza goes into the oven, when the driver leaves, etc… it’s generic for everyone.

    I also lol’d at “quality check”… I think that’s corporate speak for “brushing the dirt off after it’s been dropped on the floor”


    Nuh uh. Mine was prepared by a dude named “Guy” bet yours wasn’t!



    Tastes like cardboard. If you like cardboard then feel free.


    Worked at Domino’s as a 2nd job during college. bust cut my paid internship hours to basically nothing so I had to do this for a summer to make ends meet. Best job ever…there was always a pizza out & all of the delivery guys grabbed a slice in between runs. Thought I’d get sick of pizzas but when you’re broke as hell, shit tastes divine. Roommates loved my job too, brought home a pizza almost every night due to fucked up orders. As far as this tracking system, I call BS. No way this is real, but it… Read more »


    I did Domino’s my senior year of high school. I also call bullshit on this system. There’s no way a ghetto ass place like Domino’s would actually have people entering into a computer during each “phase.” Make the pizza, get it out, grab the addresses that tip well before your asshole coworkers try and grab them first.

    Good money for high school though, and I loved having free pizza all the time.

    “Quality check” is also hilarious. Is it in the box? Then it’s been quality checked.


    Progress bar is awesome if it wasnt for their GOD AWFUL PIZZA!!!!


    you sir talk out of your ass


    dude, the new ingredients that dominos is using is wonderful and very well done. its becoming great pizza all around. and the progress bar was pretty nifty, and every time it was like “CHRISTOPHER WEINGARTEN is now preparing your LARGE EXTRA PEPERONI PIZZA to be put in the oven” I said safely to myself, “Thankyou Christopher Weingarten.” And all corrosponding peoples. Dave Bernard delivered it. yeah, its cool, if you wanna know whos doing what, and i do, and its AWESOME! XD