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    fracked again

    DO IT!!!


    Kinda funny. I just got that from Netflix today. :p

    tiki god

    how did you like it? If you liked the movie even in the least bit, I would highly suggest reading the books, there’s been three of them. There’s some significant story differences and even some of the powers are different, but the books are damn good.


    I’ve been meaning to read the books, but I’m too cheap to buy them and I’ve been too lazy to get off my ass to the library to try and find them. Maybe this will prompt me to finally do it.


    This movie was crap, just like every other Hayden Christensen movie….


    This movie sucks!!!!

    Well there is one good Hayden Christensen movie, but he definitely is not a lead in it, perhaps that is why it’s so good: Life as a House.

    tiki god

    I enjoyed this movie thoroughly, it was a good adaptation from the book.


    terrible movie, but AWESOME superpower


    Hayden Chritiansen= shit.
    The movie had the potential to be much better than it was, had they found someone even slightly more competent for the role.
    It was still decent, in spite of all that.


    Great concept, bad implementation.

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