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I have a Ph.d in Counseling Psychology, and am working on a degree in Political Science in my free time. I don't like to characterize my beliefs with the same general words everyone else does (i.e. atheist, liberal, republican, whatever), but if I disagree with something you post, I will flip you on your ass while asserting my countering opinion. I was an avid high school debater (I still judge every weekend throughout the winter), so I most likely will use seemingly random/inapplicable terms in structuring my arguments. If you need clarification, call me on it and I'll post a link to a definition. Mostly, I'm here because my current job is much too easy for me. As a result, I get bored easily. The average therapy patient has nothing tangibly wrong with them, that is, nothing wrong with them they couldn't self diagnose and fix with some actual incentive. Instead, they show up at my office, complaining about a failing marriage and demanding antidepressants/ stress-reliever, and firing me when I say they need to start talking to their spouse instead of drugging themselves. As you might guess from my tone, I'm really quite cynical about my job. I'm really in it for the people who actually need my help. Which are usually kids. Go figure.

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