NX1 Enterprise Layout

NX1 Enterprise Layout

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    “Hey guys, I’ve got this great idea. Let’s take a Trek time period that’s been well fleshed-out already, with all kinds of cool shit that fanboys have been fantasising about seeing for the last decade, cast this dude as captain that they already have a big hard-on for, then turn him into a sanctimonious twat and throw all that cool shit out the window and make up some bullshit about time travel and shit. Who’s with me?”

    What the fuck man? And while I’m on a good rant, whose fucking idea was it to try to incorporate a 30 year difference in special effects technology into the lore? Seriously, ships in TOS looked like plastic pieces of shit because all they had was plastic pieces of shit. We have bad-ass CGI now, so ships are gonna look like bad-ass pieces of CGI.

    “Oh, well the new Enterprise isn’t really canon, but I suppose I’ll let it slide because they explained it away with some more time-travel bullshit.” Fuck you man, go outside and talk to a girl you fucking muppet.


    AgZed: What are you getting at?


    AgZed: I’m with ya, man. It seems like thats the way movies are going nowadays. Like Indiana Jones? Cmon! It’s a wicked movie then all of a sudden aliens =o


    AgZed: hey guys we know they had this big war around that time, let’s never ever show it! The Starfleet Museum shows the possibilities that even fans can come up with.
    Imagine the Romulan War with a WWII vibe, following a cadre of cadets through the early days at the academy and first assignments to separate ships in a fleet. we’d follow them as they do their jobs and fight the war. We get to see many aspects of the fleet in action, fighters, carriers, cruisers, and battleships.


    As for the pic, I’m sure glad they gave us a view of both starboard AND port sides –the latter, oddly, having a green navigation light instead of a red one.

    tiki god

    now take what you said and realize this:

    the only cannon star trek TV series is now Enterprise.



    Way to kill the franchise, Bakula!

    ( To be fair, it wasn’t him that killed it. But it’s still a good quote )


    It’s fiction people! Get over it!


    i’d like to point out that it is all still canon but that it happened differently….wait hold on a second. as i write this i have this weird feeling that this exact thing happened to another beloved franchise in January 2008….. what was it? Appalling Spider-Man?


    Y’all seem to be mixing up Enterprise with the Star Trek movie…


    For the record, I didn’t really like either… Enterprise was boring and the ship looked way too much like something from TNG instead of being ~150 years back. The new movie was a great action movie with some TOS impressions shoe-horned in and some really stupid retconning.


    I can’t believe no one else noticed this. The title should read NX-01


    I guess i’m one of the weird ones because I actually liked enterprise. Though I do agree that all the timetravel shit was BS. But that’s the writers fault more than anybody elses. The last season was awesome IMHO after they got past all the time travel crap. But by then nobody was watching anymore due to the previous crappy seasons so it got canned.


    I’ll start out with the fact that we LIKED Enterprise. My wife and I blame it on Paramount.
    They could have made bank with the show. First they pulled in all the fans, and found out what they wanted. Then in a typical case of ‘Corporate Stupid’, they toss anything good out the airlock. Shuffle the schedule, make the recons from hell, turn the history of the federation on it’s head, and drops good story lines like into a blender and pulls out cliche after cliched retreads of old shows. They had the western, the lost children, the orion slave girls…. Okay, I liked the girls, but still. The few good stories were preempted for reruns of “The best of American Idol” for Christ’s sake.

    Oh well. In ten years they will come out with something new. and we’ll bitch that it’s not cannon because…. Well, we’ll pick something.

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