Cthulhu-esque wallpaper

cthulhuesque.jpg (315 KB)

From a game, apparently…?

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    Hellgate: London. So full of promises and so full of failing to deliver, you’d think it was made by Peter Molyneaux.


    lol burned… it’s dumb


    Actually, at the time Flagship folded, the game had shaped up to be pretty fun. Currently, Hanbitsoft is running the game in Korea, but Namco-Bandai holds the publishing rights in the US and is just sitting on it, blocking Hanbit from releasing anything for the game over here. 🙁


    It sure as hell wasn’t the spritual successor to Diablo II, that’s for sure.


    yeah but it captured 3rd person hack n slash about as good as you’ll ever get it. and it was fucking fun online once you got the drift of things


    @MattKirby: Sorry Fallout 3 “captured 3rd person hack n slash” Not Hellgate.


    I wish I could’ve gotten my hands on a copy, it was a lot of fun playing the engineer and sniper in the demo. I didn’t really try the melee or mage classes, so I don’t know about them.