Katie Holmes – on a couch

Katie Holmes - on a couch

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    That’s a real shame. Someone is going to have to burn that couch now.


    Damaged goods now that she’s with whackjob.


    i haven’t really weighed in on this issue yet, but i have decided that i dont care anymoar.

    it may be wrong, and i may be scarred for life, but i’ve come to a place in my life where i’m ok with it.

    i’ll take you, katie. you’re waaaaaaay fucking hot, and easily brainwashed and controlled. you’re also submissive, which i find VERY fucking arousing.

    PROTIP: Tom is gay and hates pussy. therfore, her vag has not been tainted with the sci-jizz.


    I had a dream about her a little while ago, sometime after reading some of the comments on other posts where everyone was snarkin on her for falling prey to Ethan Hunt. Anyway; she showed up on my doorstep crying and terrified, all scraped up and bruised like she’d been thru hell. She was begging me to help her and hide her, she escaped but now no where was safe, they have people everywhere looking for her, and if they catch her they are going to do horrible things to her… I quickly brought her inside and locked the door,… Read more »


    @sylvanish: Wow. Deep.


    what a tease


    What @natedog said.

    I’m tired of the, ew Tom touched it comments. Like yeah, whatever.

    She’s still hot, and you know it. And you also know that you have no chance so you make up reasons why you wouldn’t want her.

    Come on.


    @natedog: Oh you want part two after I went back to sleep and the dream resumed? Where Katie thanks me for my help and we make sweet sweaty love all night? Well we did, and the next day we drew up plans to rescue her baby. An elite team was assembled. DEVGRU and Mila Jovovich came to help us. It was awesome. There was much gunfire and explosions and dramatic near misses. In the end we rescued several dozen others from their evil clutches, and blew the secret headquarters of the scientologists into a smoking crater. Then we all went… Read more »


    I have a chance.

    I do.


    I swear.

    I do.




    Hang on a second there, Missy. Mila is my personal slave, chained in my garage.
    So this raises a quite obvious question, what were you doing in my garage? Hm?!


    Of course you do.


    What a waste.


    @dieAntagonista: Oh, well, you need to use gold chains to really keep her bound. See, she’s just feigning ’cause she likes you so much. But she didn’t leave your garage, she was just astral projecting into my dreamworld.

    But I still sneak in there sometimes to play with her while you are in class.


    is she on drugs? oh, i´m sorry, her face is about scientology… shit happens

    Gary Generic

    Lying on a couch like that may be the only way she gets Tom to jump on her.


    @sylvanish: What a lovely dream world.


    Syl’s awesomeness has no limit.


    no one can honestly tell me that they dont think she is a cock tease


    Hurry brotherhood we must advance our journey to slyvanish house to capture the beast within. She MUST not escape !!!! we will all rise as the brotherhood and lay death from the depths of hades on all who appose against us!¶