meanwhile – in poland

meanwhile - in poland


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    No wonder Germany and Russia both invaded this place at once!


    Polish school girls – making great porns for the past 20 years.

    Many Polish girls have been exported to Germany. Very pretty girls, but they often develop into angry / bitter middle aged women.

    Caveat emptor.


    i want the one on the right pleaseee

    just make sure not to marry these foxes because then they’ll turn into an elephant

    Super Loco



    Checking airfare to Poland…


    >American cigarettes
    >American Tabloid magazines on the table
    >Ron Jon Surf hoodie
    >chick in levi’s jeans

    why are we assuming this is poland?


    LOL’d, you really think we dont have marlboro and levi’s in poland? :D:D:D:D:D But yeah, magazines on the table are not in polish, I dont think they are in english either. Could be wrong though.


    You know that that stuff’s sold everywhere, right?


    If there’s one product where America is considered the place to buy it from, it’s cigarettes. There’s all kinds of cigarettes here with “American tobacco” that I never saw before moving.

    Casually clothing, like jeans, is probably second. Or tv/movies. The only real local shows on television are the news and the dozens of documentary type shows they have every day.


    Send the four of them to my suite

    munan speaks

    This is not Poland. The young lady on the right is the insanely hot Miss Natalie Portman. This is a school picture taken when she was at Harvard.


    She looks nothing like Natalie Portman.


    Thanks to a photo posted by asymon, we can now be 100% sure. This is most definitely Poland. Magazines on the table:
    “Pani” (“Lady”) with Ms. Domagalik on the cover (she’s a Polish journalist), “Elle” with an article “100 kostiumów i dodatków” (“100 swimsuits and add-ons”) and “Uwaga! Wchodzimy” (“Attention! We’re entering”) at the bottom. To the left, there’s some magazine about “Festiwal filmowy” (“Film festival”).

    Wonder which city they are from, unfortunatelly I cannot pinpoint those white horse badges.

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