Mirrors Edge – View From Above

Mirrors Edge - View From Above

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    Shame you don’t get here in-game. Also in the first chapter when the game is still in control of Faith, she jumps from a crane to building. Also not playable. :'(
    Still a great game, played it till 1000/1000 🙂


    Should I play this? I think I should play this.




    I should play this also. Though I’ve heard a lot of bad things. But it looks so darn pretty. I’m torn.


    Play it, but play it with a friend, so you have someone to take the controller when your frustration level reaches HULK SMASH proportions.


    Good concept, but tiresome.


    play it, i wish it would have been longer and more free space to play around

    i liked the free falling part

    and play it without runners view and without crosshair to reach frustration level faster 🙂


    I just can’t help but like games with female protagonists that aren’t lara croft clones. Unless the game is total shite, i will be much more able to overlook the flaws when I get to play as a cool chick like Faith.

    BUT, a game like this, while neat for a moment or two, looses its appeal very quickly, the same way soccer games or a footbag game would. Why would I sit and push buttons to imitate doing something I can do for real?



    The crosshair doesn’t make much difference if you set on “Weapon only.” Runner Vision doesn’t help you when you’re smart, and is auto-off on Hard mode. Everyone on the fence about this one, at least give it a rental.


    Because it’s fun?



    Yes yes and yes. You’re perfect.

    Though I do still love the original Tomb Raider. My first love. First 3D game I ever played.


    well people (mostly men) well i speak from what i say or with my friends.One night we go play on the 360xbox 4 ppl. and we play halo3 like 3 or 4 matches. or PES2009. why cause it’s fun to play soccer simulation.nice to control little men that plays with kicking balls all day. let me ask you this.if you do.. why do women enjoy playing sims. hmmh?


    @sylvanish: i see what you mean by tomb raider thingy if i was in your place and i read the comments the previous topic on tomb raider i would be disgusted, but i must say men will be men,women will be men, and fbi agents will be 13/15 year old virgin girls.


    Don’t get me wrong, I love video games, I play em every weekend, but the only games that appeal to me are the ones that involve stuff I will never be able to do in real life. I really don’t understand why many girls, or why anyone for that matter, would enjoy boring drivel like the Sims. It’s like the same way I can’t comprehend how shows like Big Brother are popular. I just can’t imagine having so boring a life that such crap would hold any appeal. How does one let themselves become so stagnant? I don’t enjoy playing… Read more »


    @sylvanish: “I prefer a game where I get to shoot or blow up 50 men by myself or where I get to pilot a space ship or summon meteors to squish my enemies or something involving aliens or zombies or where I get to be a cute little dinosaur and spit bubbles at monsters. That’s all i’m saying.” —– i think Im in love :o. lol. but anyways i understand your not an average chick.i tried sims2 and uninstalled it 5 mins later.i know what your saying but sometimes you just want to relax in a chair and play only… Read more »