High Megapixel Camera\’s

sex at work.jpg (38 KB)

sex at work zoom.jpg (18 KB)

Why we love them soo much : D

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    Mummmmmmmy !!!


    Not to cry fake or anything, but how is the chick looking into the camera, and just how damn tall is she?


    the windows dont look that tall. but i was thinking the same thing. what floor what window so we can zoom in on it.


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: I don’t think she does look at the camera… just has her head facing the window.

    @drifterz28: I’d hazard a guess it’s the right-most window on the second visible row (just above the “Golden Tulip” logo). Just judging by light coming though the rear window and the shape it makes.


    It’s a hotel, not work…


    I think perspective & foreshortening are making her look taller. And I can’t tell where she’s looking…if it seems her gaze is directed at the camera, it’s probably just a trick of the window’s reflection. Or the pixelz.

    Who the hell fucks with a bra on? Seems kinda PG-13…what half-assed exhibitionists.


    Sometimes a girl just wants a cock inside her and doesn’t feel the need to remove garments. A girl told me this makes for variety. I said, “fuck that”


    @drifterz28: second window up on the far right.
    @HoChunk: i have been in this situation before, and yes, HoChunk is right, sometimes if you cant wait long enough (especially in the case of a hotel) you dont wanna take all your clothes off, especially a bra which is characteristically harder to take off than anything else. also she was probably feeling self-concious about this exact situations and maybe somebody might see her.


    The detail in that bottom photo does not match the detail in the bottom. I call bullshit.


    I’ll believe it when someone posts the hi-res version instead of two seperate photos.


    Bra still on = Fake.


    Its not the same building.

    fracked again

    High megapixel or second shot with 200mm zoom?

    Luke Magnifico

    He’s taking her from behind! It doesn’t matter that she’s wearing a god damn bra!

    Also, nom.


    Of course it matters. Tits or GTFO.


    Check out the different angles on the top of the window in the two shots.
    In the two shots.
    The two shots.
    Two shots.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca



    hand and mouth?

    Take your right hand. Thumb on one side and 3 fingers on the other of the clasp. Press over with your thumb and back towards yourself with your fingers.

    That’s pretty much it.

    Also why does she have a bra on? Well..some girls don’t like their tits bouncing all over. Its kind of the reason they wear them in the first place.

    Is the pic real? Looks like a real picture to me. Let’s check:

    Yup that seems to do it.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    e clip is actually easier. Though I didn’t know it was called an e clip. 🙂


    Bah! Works better with a telephoto lens…


    Great pic , this is why you buy 10 megapixel cameras


    my, she is hawt


    for a hooker.

    Alec Dalek



    look at the direction in which the shadows are… light is directly hitting the outside wall but in the pic of the entire builting the light is hitting the wall that is perpendicular… FAIL to ASSHOLE trying to convince us about the shitty camera… WIN to the fella thats nailing the chick inside