That\’s what she said

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    The guy’s a Dick, what do you expect?


    Take their rights away…
    We didn’t have them, didn’t need them.
    Let’s go back to “you’re sh*t until you hit 18/19”
    Shut up and sit down before I call your mom to come smack you upside the head.

    Then maybe society has a chance, because as it stands, the last two generations are way too demanding for what they produce. As its called, the “entitlement Generation” is ruining society.

    I’m talking to North America, Britain and a few others, you know who you are, your kids tell you off and you fear them, yeah you…discipline your children !

    I was never hit or beaten as a child(by my Parents, other kids is another story), maybe spanked a few times early on…

    These kids will never learn respect, and will continue the downfall in ethics and morals we are experiencing.


    I have to agree with that, sadly.

    There’s far too much pressure on schools nowadays to raise behavioural standards of kids who didn’t grow up with their parents as role models because their parents were too busy working “for a better future for their kids”.

    The fact of the matter is, schools are not meant to deal with bullshit of that magnitude, and simply telling kids of a certain age that they’re at fault isn’t gonna work because they don’t know how to handle criticism constructively.

    Jenny Greenteeth

    I’d have cracked up.
    This is why I’d make a terrible teacher/mother.


    The kid is in 11th fucking grade for Christ sakes. That’s probably all he thinks about is sex and ass and titties. He probably just blurted it out without even thinking. It’s not like he said “….let me shove up your ass and you tell me how big it can be, cunt stain”. God damn lighten up! The old bag that wrote him up probably has cob webs on her snizz and she hasn’t been laid in years so she’s bitter. At least he didn’t bring a gun to school. Keep up the good work Mr. Avis.


    on the right, under BEHAVIOR VIOLATION:

    “not disagreeing appropriately”



    also, methinks this should have been filed under “Inappropriate Language” instead of “Disrespect (minor)”


    VanZunt: I would have had a hard time NOT blurting it out. C’mon! Timing is everything. I’m sure the whole class busted out laughing. Totally worth the 45 minute detention, especially to have it written on the detention slip. Hilarious.


    Those are actually harmless words. It’s up to you to interpret them as sexual and the teacher cannot prove in a court of law that he meant them that way. 🙂

    Should just go under minor disruption since all he really did was interrupt class to make a joke and that’s not a big deal.

    I’d laugh and I don’t think that makes me a “bad teacher”, I think it makes me a teacher who remembers her job isn’t behavior modification and ‘moral’ law enforcement.


    VanZant: the misspelling of your name above was totally unintentional… Sorry!


    I’d have to agree with all posters.
    But until you get in front of a rowdie bunch of kids, hold back your “I’d laugh it off” thinking.

    Most teachers nowadays can’t match what some of us got years ago, but the students they get are just out of control. Lose their respect/attention and you might as well send them home.


    natedog: lol wut indeed. lol.
    and i love a perfectly placed “thats what she said” but take it with a grain of salt cause shit can get old.
    and VanZant: im with you all the way accept when you say mr avis. richard avis is the kid who got the detention. Ms. Friedrichs is the cuntkabob. its understandable you messed up tho. you were inthe middle of a rage.


    when i was a kid, if a teacher did that to me… i’d have tracked down their address, and carved “FUCKING CUNT” (with arrow) on the drivers door of their car.

    seriously… i would have.


    You must be a huge sucess !


    My parents didn’t hit me enough when I was a child and I turned out semi-okay.

    However, the problem today is that you can’t beat your kids because “Oh, that’s child abuse!” Bullshit, it’s called “Teaching your kids what not to do.” So instead of smacking them and making them learn by themselves, no, we have to put them into a bullshit “time out” period or something and explain in intricate detail the who, what, when, where, why, and how of why they’re being punished. And just as a bit of general knowledge, time outs NEVER worked on me.


    In grade 11 I swore less than one of my teachers in class. If we were playing a game or something and he lost he we be like “Fuck!”. Good times.

    purple banana

    “But until you get in front of a rowdie bunch of kids, hold back your “I’d laugh it off” thinking.

    Most teachers nowadays can’t match what some of us got years ago, but the students they get are just out of control. Lose their respect/attention and you might as well send them home.”

    As a daughter of a veteran teacher, as well as substitute teaching for middle and high school kids to pay my tuition, I can assure you that students will respect you MORE if you laugh and have a sense of humor about things. Discipline IS needed on occasions when the student is actually disrupting class and preventing work from being done, but if it’s just a smart ass crack like this, it’s fine. I’ve given out detention slips for students who verbally/physically and relentlessly harass another student, but I do it after class, and explain to them why what they’ve done is a fucked up thing to do. In those words. They tend to get it.

    If a teacher had done that to me in high school, we would have done more to avenge the wrongdoing, rather than being able to identify with such a cool teacher who understands and appreciates pop culture references 🙂


    Ok, I’m gonna give a little teacher perspective. He keeps making inappropriate statements. Not just once or twice, but prolly over and over again, that day or over a limited time period. That shit gets old when you’re trying to teach. I’ve kicked kids out of class because they just can’t sit still (more or less) and learn. Sometimes they just fidget, tap their feet and/or hands, make noises, talk, giggle, etc…you know what I mean. Some days I handle it, others…they’re outta there.


    It looks like a private school. 11th grade/uniforms?
    Still, I wish our discipline forms were this easy. We have to write out all infractions longhand at work. I let a lot of stuff slide because I don’t want to do the paperwork.


    I almost spit coffee all over my keyboard. This is great!


    VENT: It’s cool, no worries. TrikYodz: I was telling the student to “keep it up”. If that’s as bad as he gets then I don’t see why not. I bet the class did crack up. As far as students being unruly, I know being a teacher isn’t easy and it’s gotta be stressful as hell. I work with a few former teachers who went into the profession because they “wanted to make a difference” or because “it was a calling”. Well, they are now working in a safe office building making more money and better benefits and retirement. I was a student to and I feel about what the teachers had to put up with but it’s the teachers choice. Teachers are extremely underpaid/appreciated.


    Sorry, underpaid/not appreciated (for the most part).



    We’re reading The Color Purple in my English class and there is a few times in teh novel where Celie says she tingles in and touches her special “button” (clit) when thinking about Shug.

    Last night, my professor was talking about how the novel is set up like a melodrama or soap opera in that it’s consistently “pushing the reader’s button” to which half teh class started laughing. She paused, got the joke and said “omg not THAT button. Well, maybe for some readers, that button too.”


    oh yeah:

    My point was that some teachers can take a damn joke and not get their crusty panties in a bunch. It was funny. Get over it and move on with your lesson, cunt.


    Best way to make a student shut up is to get another student in class to put fear in them.

    I still remember when my Geo’ teacher told (ME) to take another kid in hallway for talking during a lecture. Once they come back in white as a ghost (Not racist.. I’m referring to scared) most of the other classmates learn from ones mistake.

    But to the argument earlier. A teacher gets more respect from students when they can roll with the punches. A teacher who can respect a well placed “That’s what she said” is better then a bitch who tells you to leave the room.

    Luke Magnifico

    What’s “11th grade”?

    Sounds like commie nonsense to me.


    Teachers these days resort to detention for shit like this, I my teacher ripping the piss out of a kid in class who thought he was a smart arse. He soon shut up when he realised the teacher was much better at slagging someone off than he was! Both were laughing and frankly the kids respected the teacher more for having a laugh when they knew another one would happily have punished them.


    woah woah woah…sooo…how many of us here are teachers? (the ones of academic focus, not teachers of life :D!)


    As someone who tried teaching (sure, it was a higher institute with young adults, but juvenile humor isn’t restricted to kids and teens) I’d say the biggest challenge I faced was not cracking up and losing my dignity when someone made an similar joke. I would have stayed for the jokes if it wasn’t for the meager pay.


    The WORST thing to do to a teacher- put a few drops of LSD in her coffee…

    Instant retire.


    I miss the days when it was ok to take the unruly kids out to the play ground, shackle them to the monkey bars, and whip the sense back into them. Those were the good old days… *sigh*…


    man this kid must have some balls. awesome.


    The teacher didn’t give him detention because he said it once or twice. She gave him detention because he wouldn’t stop saying things like that. She was prolly on the verge of losing control and discipline of the class. Once lost, you may not get it back all semester. Having a sense of humor is extremely important when you’re a teacher; you have to be able to sorta roll w/ the punches, but you can never give in to students (as a parent has to be careful to keep discipline w/ their child). Students can’t see you as their friend. Cool teacher = good. Sympathy = good. Mentor = good. Trusted = good. Maybe even a bit of a confidante = good. Friend =/= not-good.


    LeeHarveyOswald: That’s what she said!


    Nice language, hope you don’t kiss your kids with that mouth.


    Society is gone downhill…
    You have Parents who don’t care or have time to learn their kids how to behave, the kids that think Britney Spears is “all that”, and teachers that would rather “do a bowl” while grading papers than tutor some hopeful…

    We’re all screwed, but please, keep the hate coming…maybe someone will get a clue.


    gx5000: I completely and utterly agree with BOTH of your comments, especially your first comment.

    I have 4 kids (ages 10,7,5 and 1) and they KNOW respect. The older 3 get spanked when they need it. They are taught to show their emotions, show they anger, and explain how they feel but to do in an appropriate manner and with respect. My kids are not going to end up in trouble all the time as kids and in prison when they are adults.

    I think if society had more parents like my wife and me and our parents there would a lot less problems in the world.

    Kids should fear doing wrong.


    Humm..You hit the nail on the head…
    We’ve had a society that takes fear away from the snowflakes to make them feel secure..It’s a good idea and feeling, but in practice, well, No Fear = Mayhem.

    I think we should distribute Lord of the Flies to all adults before childbirth 😉


    purple banana:
    “such a cool teacher who understands and appreciates pop culture reference”

    Not interested in teachers that have that.
    The kids get too much of it. We didn’t.
    Teachers aren’t supposed to be cool until college.
    Teachers are supposed to represent the parents and society’s wish for a better educated class, not talking about britney spear’s wardrobe.


    A pity they let the old punishment die… Was a time detention found you hanging by your thumbs in the dungeons… God, I miss the screaming…



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