work valentine

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i got this from a girl at my work. she’s engaged. should i a) report to HR b) pursue c) fap

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    That depends.
    a) Did anyone else get a card from her?
    2) Is she hot?


    you know option C could easily be attached to either A or B.


    Never go to HR unless you want to be known as the asshole who can’t handle shit on the ground level.

    Shes not married yet, and even if she was in this day in age it really doesn’t seem to matter, unless it’s against your own morals and beliefs.

    Fapping is the way to go even if you choose a or b.


    If everybody else got one too, eat the candy and move on.

    If she’s hot, and only you got one: C. Then A. or B. depending on performance!


    Send her flowers with a card just to confuse her. She probably gave that to you cus she is nice.
    Fap to her. You know you want too.


    If she is hot \ IF she is ugly
    No,Dont go to HR \ Still dont Tell HR. Just Run

    Special Kail

    CBCAC…. C…. C


    Get her drunk.


    I’d definitely go w/ ‘C’, because I doubt she’s of age. I don’t believe she’s engaged…she’s 12, at the most. Jailbaittttttttttttt!


    Hmmmm, she may be looking for one last fling before getting married, if she’s hot and/or potentially freaky in the bedroom it’s your duty to oblige.

    Or she’s just a silly girl.

    HR are like nazis, to be avoided at all costs.


    D) All of the above


    A, B, or C?


    or in my case:
    Failing 🙁


    Going to HR only leads to problems. Plus, it’s like elementary school when people rat out the bully to the teacher. They should really handle it themselves and follow the bully on his way home and kneecap him outside the house of the local pedophile. amirite? right?…anyone…?


    @EntropicMusings: Completely Right


    D. Put up a post about the hot girl at work and then ask your girlfriend if she looked at MCS today.

    A would be a dick thing to do.
    Definately not B. :/
    C you do anyway.



    What! I am exaketededly 5’2 tall, and it is a very good height indeed!

    (Anyone who gets that reference without using the power of teh Google gets a cookie and a glass of fine Austrian wine)

    And I’m really 5’2, what the hell.


    @dieAntagonista: Alice in Wonderland Caterpillar.(I googled though) Do I still get cookie and a glass of fine Austrian wine?


    @thatonejimguy: I’m tellin’ ya, she’s lying. No adult would send a card like that. She’s still in middle school. I’m just surprised that she didn’t draw a little heart above the i in Jim. Though putting the O in is a little strange. Are there a lot of Megans where you work?


    @thatonejimguy: LOL
    I think we are agreed, “A” is a no win. Unless you like picking on little girls.
    And I have to agree with Nyokki. She considers “Valentines day fun” patty cake with Tigger and Pooh. Regardless of what she says, she’s still jail bait.
    “B” is a no win. Unless maybe you and Pedobear are pals. And even then it’s a no win.
    As for “C”… I’m sure you’ll make the right decision. Make sure you make that decision in private however… 🙂

    5’2″ is not a downside. Unless you are 4’10”


    she just wants to play patty-cake! geeze!


    I can’t remember the last time I got a valentine (from someone other than my exmotherinlaw). Just be happy someone remembered you!




    @thatonejimguy: 5’2″ is the downside?! Blasphemer…


    Playing Patty-cake led to a murder charge for Roger, so be careful.
    And I been around [mcs] too long cause I didn’t see patty-cake right off… I saw a Piglet sammich, which would make her kinda kinky….


    @nyokki: Some people do. I had a friend that gave me a little kids valentine like that, but she was 21 or 22 at the time. Its just a way of trying to feel like a kid again.


    @normkil: LOL I think you just made Nyokkis point… 🙂


    @Phyreblade: You get a gold star. You’re such a smart boy.


    bro i cant beleive you dont ask me advice on these things, dude. seeing as were so tight and close together and whatevs.


    @nyokki: Dat’s me. I’s smrtr dan teh averg bear…


    @dieAntagonista: 5’2″ is a fantastic height for a girl, so props to you. Then again, I’m not breaking the 6’barrier anytime soon.

    for embracing reality I am buying you a pizza.



    I’m glad you agree. ^_^

    Tiny people are the ones who are more likely to rise to power anyway. Just look at Napoleon.


    @dieAntagonista: Exactly. And don’t forget about Wolverine, in the comics at least. Tiny peeps are less likely to bump their heads on stuff, don’t have to worry as much about legs, etc. Plus there’s that damn cute factor that gets me every time.


    @EntropicMusings: oops. legs=legroom.



    Excellent example. Wolverine is one of my favourite characters. I always played as him on the Playstation too.
    And the majority of successful women in the music industry are midgets also.

    The only problem I have are the upper cupboards in the kitchen! Haha. But that’s what they make chairs for, right.



    Isn’t that what they make men for, right?

    ah-cha. I’ll be here all week.

    But seriously, chairs or stepstools.



    Haha nice, very nice. Yeah that’s it, I probably need a man. Do they sell them in European stores also? I guess I’ll have to keep looking.


    But midgets are scary!



    Young lady, I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that.

    You know the midget from David Lynches Fire Walk With me? Yea, be careful or they will come for you.


    Jealous much.


    @dieAntagonista: Bet he wouldn’t be saying that if your name was meganOtagonista.


    @EntropicMusings: Word.


    See? Midgets, little people, whatever – scary!