the cast of Game of Thrones

the cast of Game of Thrones.jpg

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    A few of these match, but most of them are forced.

    “Other Robb” pretty much never goes by “Robb”; “incest knight” means basically nothing out of context; “boobs” is not “the hot chick”; “the cripple” does many things other than being “the crippled” character; “gay knight’s sister” is not at all the purpose of that character; “tonks” doesn’t match the picture, let alone the title.

    Luke Magnifico



    Can’t tell if trolling…

    There’s a difference between a logical label and a first impressions label. The latter type seeks to eliminate as many people as possible that are not the person you’re referring to.

    You ever noticed that when the person in question is black, they start with “the black guy who…” but when they’re white it jumps to the next layer of features with “the guy with the mustache who…” without mention of race?

    Same shit here. If your friend said, “I like their outfit.” and you asked, “Whose?” then chances are that they could answer with each label there and you’d know exactly who.

    Like you know Tonks’ Game of Thrones name better than her Harry Potter name… I don’t even remember her Game of Thrones name and I IMDB’d that actress like two days ago.


    I’m pretty sure they are calling him other Robb because he looks like Robb, but sick and with his forehead all smushed.


    And where the heck is “ridiculously big knight?”


    Yeah, no one leaves the Predator out


    bOObs is a porn star IRL.


    Whoever made this might get a visit from House Bolton
    Some flaying may be involved

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