In Air Refueling 2

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This time with a Saab. They used to make aeroplanes too, didn’t they?

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    Yeah, Saab used to make jets…

    General X

    Actually they still do I think. Swedish ones of the third generation. Excellent and very versatile apparently. With a two man crew that is capable of fully refueling and restocking the airplane in fifteen minutes wherever it lands. It was designed to be able to land and take off on the many Swedish highways, and thus in the case of the war turn the whole country in to one large airfield. Compare that to the new JSF.

    T G Geko

    Wikipedia copy and pasta


    USAF is good at making fancy things that are useless without pampering.

    Planes such as Saab’s and Sukhoi’s are the Wolf to America’s greyhound, not as statistically impressive, but actually useful without a full-scale military infrastructure (the sukhoi Su-37 can out manuever the majority of our jets, costs factors less, can land on a dirt road, and was built to be maintained by a 17 year old with a hammer.)


    OK Excelsior I think you’re stretching it just a little aren’t you? Repairing a jet with a hammer? I dunno… 😛


    They still make fighters:

    Apparently Thailand is buying a bunch of them. Go Thailand.

    General X

    @ T G Geko
    Believe it or not, no, it is not Wikipedia copypasta. I like airplanes. Not all knowledge comes from Wiki.


    Looks like that plane is giving some goatse to the car.


    Norwegian government is also thinkin about bying the Gripen. It stands between Gripen, JSF and the Eurofighter.


    lol who would buy a car from a jet company?

    This particular model doesn’t look very aerodynamic…shit, the 2000 style camaro looks (and probably is) more aerodynamic then saab’s.

    Now that I think about it, they made the ugliest old school cars, those ugly boxy things that seem to be crap nowadays because they are shit and nobody cares to restore them.