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Transform and Roll out!


I wanna go fast! No sound too. Sweet!


It’s kind of nice to see companies are working on electric vehicles that are actually fun to drive.


That is one sexy electric car. Its nice to see a company make a performance one and one that doesn’t look like a steaming pile of shit like most of the “futuristic” electric styles for those kinds of cars. Also, since I’ll never buy a car that isn’t sporty and have decent performance, things like this are my only hope for ever actually wanting an electric car at all.


@hvymetal86: Lotus made an EV as well, but it is a basic stock lotus (NO comfort in interior) with an Electric motor and tons of batts..kinda sux.


Electric Car + teh Sex = Win.


So does that mean they’ll make it go more than the 20 minutes that the Lotus EV goes while actually going, you know, fast?


I Like Burning gas and when that runs out ill use alcohol, electics are to slow, maybe one day tho


@ixiunidotixi: No, actually electric cars nowadays can be just as fast, if not faster, then cars equipped your average Fuel guzzling big block. Extremely high torque electric motors combined with Lithium Ion batteries and relatively simple electronics have resulted in some ridiculously simple, but quick electric cars. Here, take a look at this: vodpod.com/watch/1311272-white-zombie-worlds-fastest-street-legal-electric-car If you aren’t trying to got that fast, you can use a smaller motor, and get a lot more range out of it, but in any case, the issues electric cars today have compared to IC is energy density. So the only real drawbacks to electric… Read more »


: pardon my french, but no shit. thats pretty cool, i never knew that.


@ixiunidotixi: Yeah, it is pretty freakin’ cool. I’ve been following the technology for a long time… Take a look at what Telsa Motors has been working on for the past few years: www.teslamotors.com/performance/perf_specs.php They are perhaps the closest to realizing the ideals of the mass production electric car that can match the power, speed and range of gas powered vehicles, however even they still fall short, they have slightly less range than an equivalently powerful gas power plant, still require several hours to refuel, and, perhaps most conspicuously, are roughly three times as much as their internal combustion counterparts. The… Read more »


HA! looks like something we’ve already seen….NEXT!