Badass Prius

tricked_prius.jpg (362 KB)

Snapped this in Manhattan traffic last week. Couldn’t manage a shot of the side when I passed –had silver flames all along the doors.

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    lol casemods would do this

    fracked again

    Casemods would take it on a test drive, put the flame stickers on, then take a picture of himself in front of it in the mirror. This is far less of a douche move.


    Implying Casemods could pass/meet the criteria of a drivers license test.


    In New York? They have awful drivers. I don’t think you even have to:

    Be alive
    Be Human

    I know being able to read, use turn signals (blinkers), hazards (four-ways), have basic understand of traffic laws/flow is not required at all…


    This reminds me of the time I saw a Prius painted Cherry Red with white racing stripes.


    Work with what you’ve got!

    I have more respect for this guy than someone that’d do it to a Hummer.


    I don’t get it.
    Anybody would care to explain\enlighten me ?


    it is a overprice golf cart.

    But you know, not as powerful a souped up golf cart.


    “Badass” and “Prius” should never be in the same sentence. Ever. Really, this hunk of junk isn’t better for the environment than a fuel-efficient gasoline-powered car with a 1.6 engine in terms of lifetime energy usage. But hey, let’s all believe the marketing and the celebrity-endorsed hype and make Toyota millions.

    russell sharpe

    the lies are what makes it badass