Sukhoi SU-27 flanker

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The Sukhoi Flanker is considered to be one of the best Air Superiority fighters in the world. With a maximum speed of mach 2.35 and the ability to climb to 64,000ft in one minute It is easily capable of out maneuvering the f-15,f/a-16,f-14 and f-18. The famous (although considered tactically useless) Cobra maneuver was first performed in an SU-27. The Current 4.5 Generation of the Flanker-the su-30 family- have added 3d thrust vectoring and canards for enhanced maneuverability and israeli and french sub systems for increased weapons and defense capabilities.

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    looks like they Frankensteined the front of an f16 with the rear of an f15 and then let the “queer eye for the straight guy” guys pick the color scheme.


    I believe this is a Sukhoi SU – 35 or SU – 37.

    The SU – 27 Does not have the cannards. This one does. :3

    Gorgeous jet. Probably my favorite. I’d love to see the F-22 duke it out with one of these, it’d be an interesting battle.


    awfulintentions: No it wouldn’t be interesting.
    The F-22 had a record of 244-2 at the last Red Flag event and I think the two losses were because the “bad guys” were allowed to generate and the F22 guy didn’t know it.

    Now if you set up a fight where the F-22 couldn’t use it’s advanced radar or it’s missiles (aka tying both its fists behind its back) then it might be fair.


    I flew one of these in AC. Handles like a dream.


    those soldiers are looking pretty spiffy in those berets and that camo is nice. What should I search for to find more / closer pictures of them?


    No way this thing matches the f-22. Hell, I t couldn’t even find one. Stealth FTW!


    ,I hope it never does.


    thelotuseater725: Still can’t find the damn thing. Stealth FTW! I also don’t buy the superior maneuvering crap, and since I’m too lazy to google it, I’ll just say your wrong. With the thrust vectoring on the F-22, the only limits to it’s maneuverability are the pilots body. The human body can’t hold up to it’s full potential. Now this commie crap may be just as good, but it cannot be proven better.


    “Still can’t find the damn thing. Stealth FTW!”

    it’s not a magic spell.


    waw gagah

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