Robocop FTW


Damn the first movie rocked.  Totally.

Luckily I never saw the sequels.

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    Dead or alive, you’re coming with me.


    WHAT?? You’ve gotta see the sequels…they’re just as good…the usual formula of the sequels sucking and ruining the first movie doesn’t apply to Robocop.


    Second – Good.
    Third – Great.
    Fourth killed 500 people just by existing.


    Oh my god. How can you say that the second two were good with a straight face? Here’s how it went. Frank Miller created the first one and all was good. He created the script for the second and hollywood said “yeah, we are gonna change a bit.” so it sucked. He created the third script and hollywood wiped thier asses with it, and made so many changes that he renounced hollywood all together. Then, he created a series of graphic novels so violent, so ruthless so that hollywood would never make a movie of it. IT was called Sin… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Point of order: Frank Miller had nothing to do with the 1st Robocop movie; wang_nijna more or less got the rest of it right, though.

    Luke Magnifico

    The second Robocop, as in the cyborg, not the movie, the one made from his old partner, or something, kicked SO MUCH MORE ASS THEN THIS.

    He could make you head explode just by thinking about it.

    True story.


    Avatar press did a 9 issue mini-series of Frank Miller’s original Robocop 2 script; it kicks fucking ass.


    i’d buy that for a dollar