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    Raptor Jesus FTW…


    Buy yours now! before is out of market…


    What a waste of taxpayers money. I mean i love military hardware but this plane was way overpriced for its job. What the hell is the point of stealth when the enemy realizes a bird is travelling at 300+ mph?


    Well, look on the bright side, it looks really great! The F-22, Rafale and S-47 Berkut have starfighter designs…

    tiki god

    because their systems can’t track something that small going that fast?


    Bird radar tracking is common prior the WW2. The first airfield to employ this technology for real-time air traffic control was RAF Kinloss, Scotland, in 2002.


    It is just me or does that thing have ground-effect neon?


    I guess StreetGlow is branching out into new and heretofore untapped markets…


    An Aircraft nobody wants. Wonder why we haven’t had a air to air fight in a long time, they know what we have and they don’t want to mess with us = air superiority and were going to lose it. I forgot were starting production on the F-35, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Turkey, Australia, Norway and Denmark knows everything about the F-35 and might even buy some. Fly the F-18, F-16, F-15, B1B, C-130 and the B52 until they fall out the sky. Maybe we can have a cash for clunkers military style. Ah forget it were too busy… Read more »