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Robert Crumb\’s Fritz the Cat, directed by Ralph Bakshi.

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    tiki god

    oh man, this cartoon is obscene.

    it’s good, but obscene, lol


    Crumb hated this movie so much, he killed off the character. I haven’t seen it but I’m a fan of both Crumb and Bakshi, so I’m not sure if I should…


    Heavy Traffic is awesome too. I got to watch a bunch of bakshi cartoons in a film class I took in school that covered animation. Bakshi tends to cover the less viewed darker part of society and racism.


    1st pron I ever watched.

    Gary Generic

    1sr pr0n I ever watched, too.


    I remember my parents watching Fritz the Cat when I was a kid. I’d sneak peeks through the grill on the wall heater.


    outofocus: Lol, if only parents really knew what the kiddies see. I hate to think what mine might have seen, not always discreet:<)

    Luke Magnifico

    outofocus: What kind of parents keep their child inside a wall heater?

    Poor, poor outofocus.


    LukeV1-5: hahaha :p It was one of those heaters that sits within the wall pushing heat out both sides.


    Porn = evil and low-life, and this sort of proves it. Notice the look on her face? It’s the look of “I have no parents or they didn’t care and I basically have no self respect”


    True Story: my parents bought a Fritz the cat video for me as a kid thinking it was Felix the cat. Hilarity ensued.


    casemods: I would disagree. Porn is not inherently evil. Much like drugs, smoking and drinking, it depends on the mentality of the people engaged in it…

    Have you ever asked yourself why sculptures of nude people engaged in sexual acts can, and often is, be considered art?


    Phyreblade: While I agree with your point generally, porn is not art. Any sort of sex that is captured and is intended to be art is rarely considered porn.

    I don’t think porn is evil but I do think that porn is doing us very little favors as a culture. Healthy sex is good but it’s actually difficult to find healthy sexuality expressed in porn. I have several male friends who have complained at length about this.

    Touching on what nyokki said, main stream porn is the last place children should be learning about sex but unfortunately it is the easiest source of “sex” for the average kid to gain access to.


    Just an FYI, I have trouble expressing what I am thinking most of the time.

    Of all the porn I’ve seen, about 10% of it might be considered “healthy”, “respectful”, “sober”, or “clean”

    A lot of porn seems to have dirty people or people on drugs that don’t care about life.

    The porn industry is very raunchy, dirty, etc…

    A lot of porn seems to be people on meth…

    Like I said, I have a hard time putting what I am thinking into words :\


    outofocus: True, I agree, porn is not sex, just pointing out that there is a fine line, and it is differentiated only by attitude and intent, and not the content itself, so the unqualified blanket statement “porn = evil” is a flawed one.

    But I agree with both you and Casemods that from what I’ve seen there is a large percentage of pornographic subject material that does not illustrate a healthy attitude towards sexual relationships, though depending on the context, even that is a subjective observation.


    Phyreblade: I agree. It’s difficult to really define since the individual preference can vary.

    casemods: It sounds like association is mixing with perception in your case. The issues surrounding porn have a lot less to do with drug usage (which is an issue but isn’t one of the ones related to what makes “porn” bad… as drug addiction is an issue with or without acted out sex scenes) and more to do with the perpetuation of certain ideals.

    I tend to define unhealthy sex on video as porn and healthy sex on video as erotica or something. I think that’s a relatively common thing even though technically one can say any sex on video is porn. To me, porn is all about pleasing the non-empathetic, intimacy fearing male. Erotica is about human sexuality being explored, enjoyed, and shared.

    Our culture has such unhealthy feelings towards sex that it’s inevitable that anything related to sex is going to become saturated with negativity. It’s an unfortunate thing that one could hope would be overturned by the mainstreaming of porn via the internet but now that the internet has been around for awhile, I’m beginning to think that it’s just going to make issues worse.

    “Porn sex” is becoming the norm rather than a type of sex. Kids learn from that and recreate it in relationships and completely bypass learning intimacy. I don’t even want to think about the long term effects.


    One way to differentiate between erotica and porn may be the number and amount of drugs (e.g. heroin, coke) that the participants “need” to keep doing it. My sense is that if it’s thought of by the participants to be healthy sexual practices, the need for drugs would decrease. There’s a lot of strip clubs in WV and I’ve yet to meet a stripper/dancer that wasn’t on hard drugs. I realize this is totally subjective and anecdotal, but it is what I’ve observed.


    nyokki: I grew up around drug addicts, none of which were involved with the sex industry so I guess for me I view the two as separate issues that naturally intertwine.

    I’ve meet a small number of strippers in the past few years. A few were total alcoholics/druggies but a few were totally clean and doing it because it was fun. None of the latter are still doing it though. It was like a phase for them.


    outofocus: I don’t associate drugs w/ sex as much as I associate porn w/ drugs. I know many people w/ varying “lifestyle(s)” and none of them use drugs on any kind of regular basis. The few documentary style films I’ve seen about the porn industry has always shown that the actors may go in straight/clean, but they all seem to say that to keep doing porn they numbed themselves w/ drugs. It also seems that the more porn you do, the less you get paid (for the women w/ a few notable exceptions). I think they know it’s demeaning. Whatever healthy ideas they had about sex have prolly been killed.


    outofocus: Gah… I meant “Porn is not art” at least not in general. as with everything else, it depends… Awash in a sea of grays we are… But your distinction between Porn vs Erotica is well made, if rather sexist.

    By your definition, a flick featuring a man taken advantage of by a woman in a position of power is not porn… But, much like rape, it is about power, not sex. Regardless of the physiological differences between men and women, gender matters not.

    I don’t know if It would be wise to rely on a correlation like that to make the distinction, since it may not necessarily be related to the person being in porn, but rather be part of a larger systemic coping mechanism for a host of other issues.

    Sometimes the drugs come before the porn. Some people fall into drugs, and then end up turning tricks or dancing to pay for the habit. And then of course, just because they are on drugs doesn’t mean they can’t shoot a flick depicting healthy sexual acts…


    Phyreblade: I wouldn’t count on the correlation either. It was just an observation that I thought interesting. It’s not an idea I’m overly attached to.


    Phyreblade: Hrm. You put some black and white blinders on what I said. There’s a gray area there which I won’t bother explaining since I think it’s pretty obvious.

    The definition of porn isn’t one I made up. The sexism that you feel I applied to the definition is sexism that defines mainstream porn. Woman focused porn that objectifies men and ignores mutual pleasure is actually rather new and IMO isn’t any better than the male focused porn. It’s an obvious backlash. Unfortunately it’s labeled as “feminist” porn which is inaccurate.


    outofocus: I didn’t put any blinders in your definition, I parsed it exactly as you presented it.

    The thing is, to me, it does not really matter whether it’s mainstream or not. Both types exist, and I simply do not see the point of making any distinction between one or the other. It is not gender that defines porn. It is the negative portrayal of sexual intimacy and or the objectification that does this, regardless of gender.

    You chose to use that definition, which is your perogative. But just because it is the mainstream definition does not make it any less prejudiced. From my perspective, prejudice is prejudice, regardless of whether it is mainstream or not.

    I try not to define things in ways that create superfluous divisions or boundaries, as it tends to pave the way for flawed trains of thought, such as the perception of “feminist porn” which you mentioned.

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