Flying Robots

Fucking Stupid.jpg (48 KB)

I AM FUCKING STUPID Rocket powered robots, ftl. FUCK STUPID

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    So, all things considered, how many decades/centuries does MCS think we are from flying-cars/roads, a la Fifth Element?

    Or do you think it more likely things will progress down the high-speed, computer assisted route, a la “Minority Report,” or, to a lesser extent, “I, Robot?”


    I bet we will find alternate fuel sources for cars that are similar to todays car (cooler design of course) and then actually digress more from World War …unless we just destroy ourselves first.


    You know what else is fucking stupid? Macros done in mspaint.exe. Download Photoshop like everyone else.


    but i like ms paint 😉


    …and after this day, PLEASE DO NOT HUMP THE ROCKET stickers were required for all missile silos


    @elzarcothepale: Flying cars? No thank you. Most people have trouble when they’re firmly attached to the road; can you imagine teenagers with car-pilot licenses? On top of that, what happens if you have a breakdown on the highway, only instead of a flat tire your car loses altitude, FAST? Then you fall to the ground and die, or–if you’re at a low altitude–get your head sheared off by the car behind you. And what happens to our roads? If we don’t have to pave anything, would the highway system be necessary just to keep us on designated lanes? I bet… Read more »