Just got back from seeing Avatar.  This is literally the first movie that I’ve ever seen in my entire life that I thought, man, I’m happy that was in 3d, and was an awesome film over all. Key to the story though is the concept of Avatars, which are just genetically modified bodies that humans can port their conciousness into in order to survive on the deadly planet of Pandora.  This is much like one of my favorite stories, Old Man’s War, which hopefully will get the big screen treatment sometime in the next few years.

The still shots look like shit, the CGI is painfully obvious, and the trailer doesn’t do the 3d justice.  The real magic comes in with the movie when it’s in motion and the facial twitches and nuances that haven’t been in any 3d or cgi movies yet.  Being able to choose what part of the scene you want to focus on, and being able to due to the fact that it’s been shot in full focus 3d, and then the air battles.

oh lordy.  the air battles.

Avatar is far up on the second slope on the Uncanny Valley.

This shit right here:


Go see it and tell us what you thought.  Seen it already?  Post some spoilerific shit in the comments.

Also, much like star wars, which gave us something as eternal as “may the force be with you” the phrase “I see you” really did strike a chord with me, though I can see that it may not with others.

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    I don’t know about this uncanny valley stuff…but this was the first movie I have ever seen in 3-D and I cannot express how happy it made me…James Cameron has created a visual work of art that evoked as much if not more emotion from me as any great painting or sculpture I have ever seen. For this, I can forgive him for Titanic.


    Being on vacation on a small island I am having trouble watching it and I really want to. The movie theatre is an hour away, don’t have my own car and strange movie times. I have to wait till next week I guess. I have a feeling this will be in theaters for a long time anyhow. I am very interested in the Avatar plot.

    Cheers to your drunk ramblings Tiki.


    Tried to get advanced tickets like 4 months ago, no luck, i doubt ill get in within the next 3 weeks.


    Amazing film IMO, and I am very picky when it comes to films. Without a doubt, amazing visuals, and of course the plot is basically social commentary.


    I saw it last night, there were maybe 20 people in the theater. I was blown away by it. The theater I was at didn’t offer 3d and I generally prefer not to watch movies in 3d because it gives me a funny feeling in my head when I do. But from your comments, I may have to go out and see it again elsewhere if you think it makes that much of a difference. I was glad that I could tell they didn’t put shit in there just for the 3d effect, i.e. having a ton of stuff fly… Read more »


    so basically? i fucking loved this movie. the environment being bio luminescent was beyond a nice touch and that huge bird thing was bad ass. if you haven’t seen it yet, go buy tickets ASAP.


    “Explain it to me in Star Wars.”


    30 rock?


    Just back from the IMAX and wow, yes, amazing! One scene actually had me really feeling like I was standing behind the pilots in the front of a helicopter. Crazy stuff.

    Oh, and the phrase “I see you” made me think of the Aiel in the Wheel of Time saga. They use that as a greeting too.


    Ive been saying this all along, Avatar is Fern Gully for adults.



    Fern Gully rules! Loved that movie as a kid.


    “are you somehow new to the concept of ‘industry hype’?

    I doubt my mind will be blown.” – tiki god




    Yeah, tiki is “eating his hat” on this one… Fucking GREAT movie! The only thing that keeps bothering me with these damned movies is how small is the sound bank for large animals?? I mean, does EVERY large animal have to sound like the T-Rex from Jurassic park? And every medium animal have to sound like the Raptors?? If I have to criticize the movie it would be the following: So there is NO government oversight regarding how we treat alien races and their home planets? How about explaining what Unobtainum was really used for that makes it so valuable… Read more »


    8/24 right here as well.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Here’s why I won’t see it: All the reviews say the same thing, great visual effects, bad story, bad acting. Which was the same stuff said about The Phantom Menace, the new Star Trek and about a million other movies that I’ve regretted paying full price to see.


    PEW! PEW! PEW!


    Extremely stunning and impressive movie. Solid acting and storyline and I love the realistic physics to all the CG and action sequences. Especially the military equipment. You can tell this was a story they knew that at any one point could ruin the entire film but instead came back again and again to perfectly capture the emotion and drama that should be portrayed in each scene to deliver a monumental achievement for Art, Story-telling, and Cinematography. I hope the “Making Of” blu-ray explains a lot more about the background to both the Human Colony and Pandora. For example, what was… Read more »


    Left the cinema an hour ago…am still blown away, the visuals were stunning, and the story as predictable as it may be, was well told.

    Everybody, go see it…in 3D of course.


    “Oh so I just watched Pocahontas?”


    Yes, Poccahontas, Dancing with Wolves and The Last Samurai. We get the canned plot, but that is also a “CLASSIC” format. I would have appreciated a slight deviation from the standard “going native”. Beyond that this movie fuckin’ rocked. Yes 3D is a must, but if you can pull strings to see it in IMAX it will be worth what ever it takes. Acting was way on par against any SF treatment, visuals were a story unto themselves, the planet was well thought out in a biological sense (six appendaged forms, neck breathing , biolume etc. across most bio forms)and… Read more »


    I still don`t really know what to make of this “uncanny valley” concept. Has anyone of you an example of a movie etc. containing an uncanny- vallyesque something?

    Movie is great, go and watch it. It was cute how they tried to invent new physiological concepts, but I have to say that the Na`vi, their pysiology, and their facial expressions were much too anthropomorphic for me (I know it`s necessary, but meh). But- cute- flying- shiny- reptiles.


    Really cool… but unoriginal: Dancing with Wolves in space.


    Best film ever in IMAX 3D