Battle Toads

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wat game is this?

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    What other game? lol.

    Rash, zitz and pimplez.

    Grose names.


    Also teamed with Double Dragon.


    This game is/was so bad ass. The original of course. If I remember right you were fighting a giant evil female cat. pussy.

    Gary Generic

    I never made it past the jet ski/obstacle level.


    only available at your local Gamestop.

    Call for details on BattleToads II


    This is the most wicked awesome game evermade (the original). I can’t tell you how many hours of my childhood I wasted playing this game.

    ‘member when a game was good or not based on how hard it was to beat? Fecking noobs nowadays “I beat this game in ten seconds and it was really really pretty! BEST GAME EVAR!!!”


    I liked the Snes one but it was damn hard, back then and even now with emulator save states.

    I also had the one for Nes with Double Dragon.

    But my favorite one is perhaps the easiest the one for arcade.

    Superior graphics, crude humor (you grab a guy by the balls and punch them, I’m not joking) and GORE. You could decapitate pigs in that one!


    I remember someone on my xfire giving me a link the the 4chan rage for this. The guy was like “is this some sort of contest or something”


    I work at a Gamestop, and you have no idea how many people I’d fuck with when they’d call.

    “You guys got Battletoads 2?”
    “No, but do to the overwhelming request for it, the license actually got purchased. All this messing with Gamestop people made it a Gamestop only item. We’re reserving it now.”

    I loved it even more when they’d actually show up to reserve it.

    “I’d like to reserve Battletoads 2!”
    (sigh) “You do know you are supposed to do that joke over the phone, right?”