Zergling Rush! (28 Weeks Style)

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Zergling Rush!

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    The 28 Weeks later OST is breathtaking.


    However the movie suck…leave it to yanks to screw up a great film.


    but don’t Americans make… like… ALL the movies?
    I actually wonder what percentage it is (too lazy to look)
    Movies are like poop: some smell awful, some rise to the top, but all of it is probably bad for consumption.


    28 Days Later wasn’t exactly a masterpiece, either…


    I enjoyed both movies actually, but have a sort of Zombie fetish.


    28 Days Later was monumentally to the Zombie genre and I for one rather enjoyed the refreshing spin. Furthermore, Danny Boyle is a fine Director and in Danny I trust. Likewise, Cillian Murphy is a remarkable actor. Americans don’t make ALL the movies. There are a great number of films made in the UK, which are far superior to the “Cookie Cutter” films Hollywood pumps out. I’m sorry, but there are far too many 88min long films jammed with a lot of action, and no character development being made. Also, the quirky relationships ones that are so superficial, as are… Read more »


    28 Days Later was a great change on the classic “zombie film”, with a little different take on what zombies are.However, 28 Weeks Later was a bit weak. I thought the fact that two stupid kids snuck/sneak (?) out of a military compound (or a town under military guard) is pretty stupid, considering how they JUST manage to escape. And, then they find their mother (good idea, we don’t have a pic of our dead mum, so let’s go get one from our house in an unsafe zone) isn’t infected (yeah, what a chance find) so lets bring her back.… Read more »


    Just as a sort of side-track.. Robert Carlyle is one heck of a creepy dude with lenses and messed up face


    aww man. great, gotta play through brood wars again…


    schulzbrianr, the mother of those two children was immune to the disease, that’s how she stayed un-infected.(Though her son was infected??)