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    I heart Rose Byrne.


    My cat is a rage carrier


    How’d I miss this? Guess I’m adding to my Netflix queue in the #1 spot.


    Fuxking brilliant and disturbing in new realms of my psyche. More innocence taken away from me. I can’t believe he gouged his fucking wife’s eyes out.


    Dyna-Mole: Seriously. That scene was intense.


    And I thought the 1st was about a woman’s period.


    I like this and 28 days, in that they brokw new ground and were the first (I think) to remake zombies into rabid, fast and intelligent creatures…

    However I think it also destroyed one of the most basic tenets that made classic zombie flicks so great.

    Once it becomes obvious that there was, in fact, a zombie apocalypse occurring, barring circumstances beyond your control, you had to be real dumb to get eaten by a zombie…



    Well, you have to do something dumb in all the other movies of the genre. Maybe you don’t have to BE dumb, just do something dumb.


    Phyreblade: The infected people in these two movies weren’t zombies. The director stated that in an interview. Technically, you could cure those infected people. In 28 days later, the scientist in the beginning mentions a cure. But typical zombies in zombie movies are already dead, they can’t be cured.


    dieAntagonista: Yes yes, they’re “infected”. So were the people in George Romero’s The Crazies. But it’s still zombie horror.


    greytone: No. A textbook zombie is somebody who is dead. And I’d rather go by what the director of the movie said.


    Good point.

    Also a good point, though that is, in fact, the *only* way in which they differ from the old zombies. Beyond that all of these movies still rely on the same basic premise.

    You will recall that even though the old school “zombie” is supposedly “dead” they can still be “killed” again via a shot to the head. Or something similar. In that respect they are the same as the new incarnation, that are not dead but simply infected.

    In fact if you look back, you can see a progression occurring. It started with movies that had trainable zombies, and then Land of the Dead where you have now intelligent zombies. “28 days/weeks Later” and “I am legend” were, imho, the simply the next logical step in the zombie genre.

    However I think they needed to further distance themselves from the traditional idea of the zombie because modern movie goers are much more educated, and frankly, the traditional zombie idea made no sense, and was full of inconsistencies that makes it harder for the thinking moviegoer to suspend their disbelief.

    You eliminate that one detail (death) and suddenly every thing makes sense, and you can craft a “zombie” (even if they don’t want to call it that) movie that will keep even the streetwise masses quivering in their beds at night… 😀


    Haha, alright I’ll admit you do have a point. But I thought the concept of T-Virus in Resident Evil was quite brilliant, it kind of did make sense. To me at least, and I’m batshit insane.
    While in Romero’s typical zombie movies it does seem very unrealistic, that’s what made it so special at the same time.
    I mean it’s still fiction anyway, so why not make it unrealistic?
    The 28 movies seemed to me a little deeper.
    As compared to typical zombie movies, where you actually can’t really kill zombies, you just have to separate the brain. In Day Of The Dead they showed that the body is still functional even after you separate the brain from it.

    So the reason why I don’t see the infected people in 28 as zombies, is more because the unrealistic idea of dead people walking is just a story of its own. I’m traditional like that.

    Haha alright sorry, I could talk about this for hours.
    Also, I’m one of those people quivering in my bed at night. But I enjoy it actually :p


    dieAntagonista: I agree on that point. The T-Virus idea was genius. It made perfect sense. No sanity required. 😀

    Though from my perspective, the purpose of fictional writing is not to necessarily portray things that are entirely unrealistic, but rather stretch the idea of what is impossible into something that is possible, using devices that appear highly plausible in the publics eye.

    So while I can’t really disagree with you about the unrealism adding to the campy charm of the earlier movies, I also really enjoy sci-fi/horror moves that “go deeper” as you put it, and rely on a premise that, even just ostensibly, passes the common sense logic test.

    And no apologies necessary, I probably couldn’t talk about it for hours, but as a Sci-Fi/Horror movie fan, I certainly do think about these things quite a lot, and could post about it for hours… 😀


    T-Virus FTW.

    I see yes I do enjoy fiction which isn’t too far from reality, since it makes it only scarier.
    Since I enjoy being scared I can’t really say anything against your perspective.
    No I understand perfectly what you’re trying to say. I’ll rewatch 28 days later sometime and see if I feel any different about it thinking that way.

    I too am a huge Sci-Fi/Horror fan, glad to see another one who knows so much about all things zombie.


    dieAntagonista: Wait wait don’t stop. Tell us more about quivering in bed at night please.


    SumoSnipe: Haha oh Sumo. Yeah I mean seriously, it isn’t normal is it. At least I have never heard of anybody who gets turned on by being scared.


    dieAntagonista: Does getting turned on while playing hide and go seek count?


    outofocus: No way! Are you serious? I love that. Yes indeed now that you said it, hide and seek has a quite similar effect. Usually when I talk to people about this they just laugh or say I’m weird. I guess that means most just don’t tell the truth :>


    dieAntagonista: I don’t think it’s that they don’t tell the truth. I think it’s just that everybody reacts to things in different ways.

    Those of us who enjoy roller coasters, generally do so for the adrenaline rush we get because of our bodies reacting to our senses telling us that we are probably about to die.

    Being scared triggers a similar fight or flight reaction that also gives people an adrenaline rush, as does the “hunt or be hunted” reaction that outofocus is describing.

    I find it particularly interesting that both the hunter and the hunted can experience this. But though the adrenaline is intended to give you a little boost to assist you during your flight or flight, it is also quite a potent high…

    Hence the term “Adrenaline junkie”… A lot of people are actually too intellectually consumed by the stimuli that initially caused the reaction to actually enjoy the adrenaline high.

    Others, like you and outofocus, are more sensitive to it.


    Phyreblade: Is that why I’m addicted to xword puzzles? Ah, it all makes sense now.


    Phyreblade: I’m not very responsive to adrenalin at all actually. I have a heart condition that only acts up when my adrenalin rises so I do my best to keep that from happening.

    It’s an anticipation thing for me. While I’m hiding I am thinking about being found, listening for noises and trying my best not to giggle. What I’m feeling doesn’t feel like the same chemical responses that I have when something startles me or when a frightening situation is occurring. It feels more like being a little kid and being super happy and excited about something. I think that’s more endorphin related.

    I guess it’s like foreplay. 😀


    You must play very rousing xword puzzles… 🙂

    outofocus: You are right, it is the endorphins that provide the high, and the adrenaline usually triggers an increase in endorphin production in response to fight/flight.

    Also, as I understand it, endorphin production can be triggered by other things, even in low adrenaline situations, so your your analogy is better than mine.

    Your enjoyment of hide and seek, and probably Nyokkis crossword addiction 🙂 is probably more akin to the excitement of foreplay, than fight or flight.

    Though I think dieAntagonista’s love of being scared witless is Fight/flight related… 😀


    Phyreblade: Very likely.

    I dislike things that make me feel unsafe or cause my adrenalin to go up. Even though I take part in a variety of things that can cause that (motorcycle riding, car racing, etc), I always baby step my way into things so that I am always in control.

    I have hung out with people who like situations that push them to the edge of losing control. Even when we are doing the same activities, the way we approach them is entirely different.


    Sweet analysis. “A lot of people are actually too intellectually consumed by the stimuli that initially caused the reaction to actually enjoy the adrenaline high.” – That’s impressive, I didn’t know that.

    And yes I know not everybody is the same, but I talked to so many people about this that I’m sure some were just too embarrassed hehe.

    You explained perfectly how I feel when hiding. Phew I’m having some self realisations here.

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