Holy Bible Disclaimer Label

Found a printable version of the sticker from this post:


WARNING: This is a work of fiction. DO NOT take it literally.CONTENT ADVISORY: Contains verses descriptive or advocating suicide, incest, bestiality, sadomasochism, sexual activity in a violent context, murder, morbid violence, use of drugs or alcohol, homosexuality, voyeurism, revenge, undermining of authority figures, lawlessness, and human rights violations and atrocities.

EXPOSURE WARNING: Exposure to contents for extended periods of time or during formative years in children may cause delusions, hallucianations, decreased cognitive and objective reasoning abilites, and, in extreme cases, pathological disorders, hatred, bigotry, and violence including, but not limited to fanaticism, murder and genocide.

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    Thank you, I’ve been looking for this image for a long time. I thought that it would be fun to paste it into the bibles at motels.


    Oh good call… i live in the bible belt and love tearing bible beaters apart with real history proving it is fake… I laugh when they realize whole “faith” is built off a stories that a few men put together to control the masses with fear…


    May the Lord have mercy on your poor souls. The day you burn in hell will be too late to know the truth. Don’t be mistaken, God is not mocked. Do not be foolish enough to challenge the Creator of the universe. Wake up, your life is but a mere split second in eternity, your life on earth means nothing compared to the suffering that is waiting for anyone who chooses to live a life without God When choosing to live your life without God, expect an end destination without God – the lake of fire, that burn forever and… Read more »


    God can suck my dick, and so can you.

    tiki god

    but how does a fake god save real people?


    Do not be surprised when your already miserable lives start spinning out of control.
    tiki, i pray that God reveal Himself to you, so that you may know the truth and be set free from your twisted ideas.
    To the person who made the obscene comment, it just shows who you choose to be. You clearly choose to be a fool, devoid of any wisdom and understanding.Even so, may God have mercy on your souls.


    I choose to be sane, and not try and foist my delusions on others. There is no afterlife and nothing I say here will affect my currently awesome life. Now go back to sucking God’s dick –it’s clearly all you’ve got to live (and die) for.


    Mat 12:36 I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak,
    Mat 12:37 for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”

    Remember these Scriptures when you have to explain yourself to your Creator one day


    I don’t believe you, I don’t believe in God, and that makes me smarter, stronger and happier than you’ll ever hope to be.

    But please, pull some words out of a thick old book to hide behind, instead of actually using the brain in your head that millions of years of evolution was evidently wasted for.


    Mat???? Mat???? Who the fuck was Mat…you lazy cunt, if you’re going to quote the fucking bible do it right…FFS


    Behold the power of Faith:



    My favourite part was the end, where the narrator basically says “all of this irrelevant and unconnected… but people die!”





    Thirty years I’ve been saying that religion is bullshit and God can fuck off…and I’m STILL waiting for bad things to happen to me.


    Maybe your punishment is an uncontrollable urge to visit this website.


    We all float down here. And you will, too.