WarHammer 40k – Ogre on a bike


Of the few times I’ve seen bikes used in the WH40k universe, this is one of the only ones that looked like it belonged somewhat.  But Space Marines on a bike?  Just not right.

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    ORK on a bike, not OGRE

    tiki god

    Whoops, you’re correct, my bad! (orc or ogre, he’s still on a motorcycle though, right? or do they call them something else in WH40k?)


    Scout Bikes, I think. I agree that they are the most idiotic thing I have seen in WH40k. I simply ignore them and refuse to buy them. I don’t care about the stats or whatnot. Too stupid looking.


    yeah, the chaos bikes look a lot better than i the space marine ones, the ork’s look the best though

    orks are the green ones, they are their own race, and a pretty good one to boot!(i play orks), ogres are for imperial guard, large and dimwitted, they pack a punch in both hand to hand and long range


    Yeah, it’s an Ork. There are no real Ogres in 40k – what they do have are Ogryns which are essentially humans who grew up on worlds with very strong gravity and as result are huge and bulky, looking like fantasy Ogres. But unlike their fantasy counterparts they are not associated with Ork army, but instead serve in Imperial Guard.

    Oh, and 40k Orks usually paint their bikes red because “Red ‘Uns go Fasta!”


    A pity the squats aren’t around anymore. 40k Dwarves complete with beards on choppers. Like short Hells Angels with really big guns. Their battle armor looked a bit like a 40k version of potatoheads.

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