Black Monopoly

Black Monopoly


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    This made my day.


    Since it only seems you can get to the white house and escape the cycle of crime, drugs and eventually early death that is a black life by getting as white as possible, I must agree lol. Hilarious, almost as good as the AIDS risk game.


    It’d be funnier if it were half GO TO JAIL instead of full. That way it would take planning, praying, and luck to get to Boardwalk. Even then you’d have to make another go at the board. 🙁


    The you don’t know anything about human development game.


    it’s funny because this would be a diss to my community back at my island (ST.Maarten) because almost everyone is black and i was born there but really im laughin to this because its 98% true


    It lacks the options “Sports” and “Hip-Hop/Rap Star”… Then you get busted and go to jail.

    Unless you’re Bill Cosby, in which case you are made of EPIC WIN, color be damned.

    Catherine Longfellow

    What other versions of Monopoly have you guys played? I have been given Star Wars Monopoly and Yankees Monopoly and I bought NYC Monopoly.


    Catherine Longfellow: Back in the 80s they had a version of Monopoly based on my hometown of Monroe, Wis. (I’m sure there were others.) I played that one as well as Sponge Bob version (my son’s) more recently.


    This is funny because it is true.



    dtepes: Bill Cosby is kinda like Colin Powell. To quote George Carlin: “Colin Powell is NOT conspicuously black. Colin Powell is conspicuously WHITE. He just happens to be black.”


    Tyger42: Ahaha I love that quote.


    I love how all successful black people are somehow less black. That’s one of the biggest hurdles of race relations. The idea that success and black are antonyms.


    And I like how all people on here appear to have studied biology. Because apparently they know what’s the reason for the majority of black people in certain places to behave like they do, which has of course nothing to do with places they grew up in.
    Way to go.




    You forgot sell drugs, get aids, smoke crack, act hard and set trip.


    Alternative: “Go to School”, “Go to School”, etc.

    You are NOT going to be a Basketball God or the next hip-hop millionaire. Darwin is right: Mother Nature is a hanging judge.


    LMFAO this shit is great!


    dustain: It’s not that great if you think about it…

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