Tallahassee Capitol Building

Tallahassee Capitol Building

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    I have never been to Tallahassee.

    Is this one of those Florida cracker-towns full of trailer park Southerners, pretending to have class and claiming superiority over Blacks and Hispanics, or is this a decent place?


    Always love the Tallahassee penis.

    tiki god

    ack: Yes and no. We’re primarily a college town, so it’s a bastion of liberal views in an otherwise conservative area of the country, but for a few months out of the year it’s just me and the rednecks 😉



    Next summer, I may stop over in Florida.

    If I do, I will slap on a dirty wife beater and drive a lowered pick-up with lights under it over to your place so we can drink Buds on the front porch. Yeeeeeee-ha!

    Yeah. I lived in Orlando for a while. The city was full of yappy tourists, and the countryside was full of racist crackers. Strange place. Didn’t like it much.

    To my friends in Plant City – love you guys. You’re racist, inbred crackers; but I love you. In a non-gay, non-anal, Platonic kind of way. Seriously. Mostly.

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