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False flag punch.


I’m not a fan of using violence, but if you wear a Pepe pin, you kinda have a ding to the eye coming.


I’m torn by it honestly
I certainly don’t feel bad he got clocked
But he has expressed on social media about taking the law into his own hands if the cops won’t protect people
So him getting clobbered is justifying what a cunt of person he is


Taking the law in your own hands if the cop’s wont protect people? Damn right! The guy who attacked him is a lil coward, being masked and doing a hit and run sucker punch… These people don’t dare talking openly about what bothers them, sharing opinions face to face. Violence is what they don’t like abt their idea of a white nationalist, wile it is just that which they use as way of communication. White nationalism is only natural in a country that was build and founded by white people. And no, the black slavery argument don’t stand because white… Read more »


‘Violence begets violence.’ While some of us might derive guilty pleasure from watching a Nazi get punched in the face, ultimately it doesn’t help. This guy might be the scum of the earth but what has been achieved by assaulting him on camera? Nothing good. More publicity for him which we don’t need. While I appreciate the sentiment from the Masked Avenger, I wish he hadn’t done it. OFF TOPIC – Tiki, I still can’t figure out how to post properly via MCS+. I can upload a picture but I can’t manipulate the text to create a proper title etc.… Read more »


its not broken, its a feature


Todd Howard?


You reap what you sow.

Still, shouldn’t have happened.
It only gives him more to crow about.


If you applaud this, you should also applaud the same thing happening to BlackLivesMatter people, or Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam people. Heck, why not just celebrate it whenever it happens to someone you might disagree with politically? People who think this is ok are no different than Brown Shirt fascists. In other words, you’re worse than Spencer, because he doesn’t go around punching people on the streets, he just talks to the media. Maybe what he says is distasteful. Maybe it’s disgusting. But that is exactly why we have try to support freedom of speech. People who use violence to… Read more »


sounds like someone wants a race war