pikachu old vs new

pikachu.jpg (20 KB)

pikachu 2.jpg (32 KB)

pikachu used to be chubby and adorable with widdle arms and legs
now he’s thin and squishy and weird looking

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    I want old Pikachu back!


    This picture is showing the typical wild pikachu and Ash’s pikachu. They have always been different.


    you really are into pokemon, don’t you?


    says the one who blogged about it?


    I beg to differ, frog. If you’ll look at the below image from Pokemon: Season 1: Episode 1 you’ll notice the Pikachu looks similar tot he first image.


    just sayin’.


    You have a point Zenn. I chalk it up to all the PP Up and iron Ash is force-feeding him/her/it.


    This is someones childhood.Who`s?

    casemods UID# 667

    Body by meth

    Numero 41

    older is better


    I think he was cuter with a bit o’ junk in his trunk


    all these years of hardcore pokemon battles have clearly made pikachu ripped, thus more badass


    Not to mention all that carido he gets, walking around outside his ball like he’s “king shit” n’ shit.


    Exactly. Pikachu: The ultimate a good role model for the kids.


    Fat Pokemon tells kids its ok to be fat!


    The designer changed art styles when they hit the hoenn region since, at that point Pokemon was huge in America so they made the style more cartoonish to suit Americans; they even stopped using more traditional japanese traits like yukatas and festivals and started using more americanised traditions (Pikachu can be seen in a few episodes wearing a cheerleading outfit).

    Personally I miss the nicer style that they used in the original season.


    His arms look like an uncircumsized dick.


    Jenny Craig, you evil woman!


    who cares

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    What the fuck is a Pikachu?

    Big Iff

    I don’t get it.

    James Plarm

    Personally, I prefer the new pikachu, because the new style has a slightly slimmer body, making it look more agile and I think it looks cooler than the older style.

    Puulaahi: “What the F*** is a Pikachu?” Lol!

    shane o mac

    my girl likes the old pikachu ,I would like to see the new 1 and the old 1 fight to the death


    To be honest, the old pikachu kinda looks weird, but still adorable 😀 When the other one kinda freaks me a bit, but Pikachu is so adorable I can’t help but love him :D. I like the new one better, because I wouldn’t imagine how to first one would be considered on so many occasions as “really fast”. Plus, it would be weird for pikachu not to loose weight, considering he walks every where when not on Ash’s shoulder and with all the training he does and using thunderbolt on team rocket for the gazillianth time xD. Bottom line is,… Read more »


    I just came to study and make a pikachu costume :3