So much for Palin

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Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin abused her power as Alaska’s governor and violated state ethics law by trying to get her ex-brother-in-law fired from the state police, a state investigator’s report concluded Friday.

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    She is a toubh B-tch, Love her


    I am shocked that such a demagogue would be unanimously cited by a bipartisan panel for abuse and ethical violations. I am also amazed that she has not been cited for dereliction of duty, slander, incitement to riot, treason and crimes against humanity. She’s a piece of work alright!


    Indeed. But none of this will matter in the end. Everyone forgets, that 80% of the voter base FOR McCain are uneducated, dumbarsed, rednecks. They don’t care about Palin’s abuse of power.

    Than there are the women, who make me downright ashamed to be a woman ( that takes a lot to do that ) who are voting for this thunder cunt for the sole basis that she has a saggy, stretched out cunt and a pair of stretch mark covered boobies.


    Ehh shes outta here anyways….. Democrats are gonna wipe this one up. You cant have a crusty old racist guy for Pres. and some clueless broad from a state where they don’t have any black people expect to run this country.
    McKKKAin wouldn’t even look Oboma in the eye during the debate. dude’s racist and his ego proved it to the world the other day.


    awfulintentions: Well, I’m sure nobody is voting for Obama because he’s black, and I’m also sure that nobody ever voted for Hillary because she’s a woman. There’s just no way that would happen.

    I’m not trying to support the Republicans here, but come on. Don’t call people on random bullshit and then make up some stupid statistic like “80% of McCain supporters are uneducated, dumbarsed rednecks.”


    MCS in the last few months:

    hvymetal day 1: You people are elitists you think all republicans are rednecks. I’m not.

    hvymetal day 2: Fuck yeah I should be allowed to own an automatic riffle because it looks fucking cool.

    hvymetal day: God damn I love eating hamburgers made out of pure bacon.

    I’ve never done a statistical survey of McCain supporters, but when I meet one that isn’t the unimaginably dumbest tackiest metalheadest fucking redneck in the world I might be willing to question awfulintent’s number.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Considering you live in Canada you probably won’t meet too many, genius.

    I’ve meet a lot of people who vote republican who were educated and intelligent than I have who vote Obama…I mean democrat. Most just say they’re doing it because he’s cool and if the person is black they’re voting because they think it’ll be some grand victory to have a half black guy as president. 😐

    Mostly though democratic voters seem to be really lazy and take in about 5% of what they hear which they then preach and cry in repetition because that 5% is something they think no on else has heard.

    Coastal America in the past few years has been like:

    Fuck you you right wing Nazi. Vote democrat and think how I do or I’ll kill you.

    Look at this woman here. Every politician is a dick who pulls shit. Every cop is too. Anyone who can eventually does. But the attacks on this woman have been relentless. Non stop from every angle like the only girl at an orgy. How very enlightened and free thinking of you.

    Left wing voters are more guilty of everything they accuse right wing voters of than the right wing voters themselves.

    It’s almost like McCain brought someone in to draw the fire while he campaigned.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Damn I typed that too fast and I’m all blurry eyed but you get the idea.

    I’m glad I don’t vote.


    Ok, i have no clue what the fuck you’re talking about but ultimately you’re just proving my point, Jimbo.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    and we’re all laughing with?

    Caio paints his own world in his wee little brain. In it he is black and fighting “the man”.

    I guess once again Caio missed the point(s). lol


    Magnus, I like it when you speak for everyone on the site, as if you’ve got some ePosse backing you up.

    Have you noticed that on the rare occasion anyone other than me address you, it’s usually some semi-futile stab at trying to tell you how stupid you sound?

    Frankly, I’m the friendliest person to you on the whole of MCS so don’t pretend your crew is some internet threat to me.


    Obama fundraiser, convicted of fraud, spills beans

    CHICAGO (AP) – Jailed political fundraiser Antoin “Tony” Rezko, the Chicago real estate developer who helped launch Barack Obama on his political career, is whispering secrets to federal prosecutors about corruption in Illinois and the political fallout could be explosive.

    Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich, whose administration faces multiple federal investigations over how it handed out jobs and money with advice from Rezko, is considered the most vulnerable.

    Rezko also was friendly with Obama – offering him a job when he finished law school, funding his earliest political campaigns and purchasing a lot next to his house. But based on the known facts, charges so far and testimony at Rezko’s trial, there’s no indication there’ll be an October surprise that could hurt the Democratic presidential nominee – even though Rezko says prosecutors are pressing him for dirt about Obama.


    awfulintentions: Women are their own worst enemies when it comes to gender equality. Just read your own comment.

    I happen to know a few people who are voting for McCain who are anything but ignorant, rednecks.

    It’s clear that you have no idea what’s going on.

    I’m not in support of McCain/Palin but I understand why some people might choose to be.


    It may technically be “abuse of power,” but when you read the whole story it’s not so bad. This Wooten guy (the state trooper she was trying to get fired) had been threatening to murder her father and nothing was being done about it. I suppose she could have gone through other channels or whatever, but she did it at the request of her family, which I think any governor would at least consider. And even her opponents say that she had the right to fire the guy she did (not the trooper), as he served at her discretion (meaning she didn’t have to give a reason).

    Facts always enlighten, even if they aren’t as salacious as headlines.


    Goddamn. These threads really have a way of showing the elitist fuckwaddery going on in politics. Please someone get Reboot in here so we can have a somewhat intelligent discussion from the left side.

    marianne. You clearly do not see the bible that is tatooed across her face and the fact that… OH MY GOD HER TEENAGE DAUGHTER IS PREGNANT! HOLY FUCK TEENAGERS DON’T HAVE SEX WTF WTF WTF!


    I know i am going to get flamed for days by Caio, But i agree with you.


    thelotuseater725: I think I know where Reboot went. I saw him packing his bags light night at 0 hour, 9 A.M.


    Last night^

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    Flail around all you want. You’re still drowning.

    I don’t keep my assertion that everyone is laughing at you limited to MCS or even the internet. The whole world gets to laugh at retards. You are God’s appointed comic relief and I’m sorry but you will never get to be in on he joke since a major factor in the humour is you being unaware that you are in fact a living fucking joke.


    Thanks. If it makes you feel any better getting ‘flamed’ by Caio would be more aligned with the usage of the word when appropriated to homosexuality. Not a big deal. 🙂

    Back to this chick up there…Leo Strauss. S’all I’m sayin. Neoconservative’s orchestrating busy work in the way of competing puppet regimes while the real decisions are made by people we never hear about.


    Magnus, you brag about having watched more TV and movies than most people. You brag about being heterosexual, yet never talking to or interacting with women.

    You’re a dude who, as far as I can tell, owns a car, never gets laid and watches a hell of a lot of TV. Like just rocks the TV 24-7.

    I know you filter your entire life experience through your crazy superiority complex, but, believe it or not, bragging on the internet about watching more TV than everyone and never getting laid doesn’t really put you at the top of any real pecking order, except the one in your borderline retard brain.


    Well I for one, love weapons, bacon and muscle cars, but I sure as heck ain’t votin’ for Quixote/Panza gosh darn it!! 😛


    outoffocus, please learn to read, I said 80%. Your point is moot when you say, “I know people. . .” So you know a few people who aren’t stupid? How many people are in the US? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I said 80%, which allows 20% to be half way intelligent, though I shouldn’t even give such credit to people who would actually vote for a racist and a batshit insane fundie who deserves her own reproductive rights but no one else does. Clearly, it is you who doesn’t have a fucking clue.

    Never said people weren’t voting for Hillary or Obama on the issue of gender and race alone, but no where is it more prevalent than on the McCain and Palin ticket.

    I surely hope those two don’t make it, or I’m leaving the country, seriously.


    Your attitude is what’s wrong with America. Not conservatives or liberals. It’s the attitude of “Oh, well I better get my way, because my way is the only right way for this country.” Go ahead and leave. You haven’t done any good for your country in the first place.


    What good have you done, FMS?

    Let’s just say for a moment that you truly were fighting the war on terror:

    You went in there with the best military technology in the world to fight a bunch of guys with home-made pipe-bombs and machetes.

    And you lost.

    Do you know who does good for their country? The people who have actual jobs that contribute to society. Not people who suck up billions of tax dollars to act smug as fuck on the internet.


    Caio: Yeah, we completely lost. We helped people who have never been in control of their own future set up their own government. I guess that’s a total failure.

    I never said you have to be in the military to do any good for your country. That’s just stupid.

    And you’re telling somebody else they’re coming off as smug? Excuse me while I become paralyzed with laughter, please.


    I’m predicting Caio’s response will take this argument even more off-topic. Call me a prophet.


    Set up their own government?

    Everyone knows that the second America pulls out of Iraq, Syria or Iran will march in, and if they don’t the country will break out in sectarian chaos and end up like Somalia in the 90s. That government wont last a minute without American military.

    So the other option is to stick around and back an unpopular government while Iraq stays a shithole. 100 more years right? What would you call that? A Bantustan? A protectorate?

    If you people had cleaned things up by 2005 maybe people might have been willing to accept a new order but that bridge is burnt.

    But talking about you specifically: Yeah you did your tour, did fuck all. Now you’re gonna get a job as a security job maybe? All the while cashing your soldier’s pension.

    You’ll be nothing but a drain on the state, no different than some junky on welfare. Except with an inflated sense of self-importance because you think you’ve done more for your country than the TAXPAYER who keeps you sheltered and fed.

    You are a fucking leach. They should throw useless people like yourself in the poorhouse where you can die quickly, humanely and in comfort.


    You’re absolutely right, Caio. You should be very familiar with the situation over there, since you’ve clearly been there numerous times. I bet your 3rd or 4th hand information is impeccable.

    Please, direct me to any time I’ve ever said I’m better than the average, American taxpayer. Good luck finding that post, because it doesn’t exist. My statement was specifically made in regards to awfulintention’s shitty attitude about “leaving the country because she didn’t get her way.” It had nothing to do with me being in the military. I’m referring people who are unwilling to work for a better world. People whose only solution to a given problem is to bitch incessantly.

    Blah blah blah, Caio’s all upset because he got his ass handed to him before in the forums and everybody knows it, blah blah blah, stupid flame war, etc.

    Caio, I love you.


    Listen man: regular taxpayers are sick of paying the salaries of unemployable rednecks like yourself who do one tour and spend the rest of their lives living off uncle sam.

    And the military-industrial complex’s current candidate? Some guy who’s NEVER held a job and has lived his entire life on taxpayer money in spite of the fact that his rich wife pays the way. How my ai’s tax dollars are going to prop up a man with 6 houses?

    Who would want to live and CONTINUE PAYING TAXES in a country where every unemployable redneck can expect to be treated like a king and fountain of expected truth because he’s done his four years?

    I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t want to pay for your sorry ass, leach.


    Caio, you never cease to show that you have no clue what the hell you’re talking about:

    To receive any sort of pay from Uncle Sam after you leave the Army, the following conditions must be met:

    AT LEAST 20 years of service. Keep in mind that in today’s military, 4 years of service alone on active duty status practically guarantees 2 deployments to a combat zone.
    Suffering an injury while in the military which is sufficient enough to serve as a ground upon which to end your contract. I.e., losing of a leg, arm, etc.

    So, in other words, the only way for somebody to really leach off Uncle Sam is to do one tour, get hurt, and then get out. You don’t get anything for 4 years, like you’re referring to, besides college money.

    Again, I’ll ask you to point me to where I said I was expecting “special” treatment because I’m a veteran. I don’t wear my job like some badge of entitlement.

    Here comes another random ass retort. Tell you what, I’ll just leave this thread. I know you’ll follow me, you living punchline, you. 😀


    Ok, so you don’t get the military pension down there: my bad. That doesn’t change the fact that AI still spent at least 4 years feeding, sheltering and clothing you like the unemployable welfare victim you are.

    Still doesn’t change the fact that you tacitly implied he was unamerican because he didn’t immediately eat up your “i’m a vet what did you do for your country” bullshit.

    Of course hard-working, tax-paying Americans should leave the cesspit. People should have every right to leave a failed state. I’m just gonna remind you right now that unless you’re Cherokee or something, your ancestors came from a failed state to find better opportunities. Now that America is a shithole, the smart ones will go where the opportunities are, and paying for unemployable rednecks – even for four years a piece – is not a fucking opportunity.


    Oh man caio…You need some serious hugs.


    Man, it’s a good thing Palin got nailed on this.

    We need to make sure no one works to fire state troopers when they drink in their patrol cars, poach animals, shoot their own children(in law) with tasers, threaten to kill their fathers-in-law, and beat their wives.

    Yep, can’t be having that, now, can we?


    awfulintentions: That’s pretty funny. Telling me to learn how to read when you couldn’t even spell my user name correctly.

    The point of my comment in stating that I know “a few” people who don’t fit into your broad generalization is well supported by your response. The POINT is that I am only one person and can only know SO many people. The fact that I know a few people who don’t fit into your generalizations means that there has to be a LOT more people like the people I know. The chances of me knowing the majority of a minority is pretty unlikely.

    You really need to educate yourself about the election. Your opinion would mean a lot more if you did so. Nothing you say suggests that you’re doing anything besides regurgitating the opinions of your friends which are based on stereotypes not INFORMATION.

    I’m not saying that there aren’t a bunch of ignorant fucks out there voting for the wrong reasons. I saw a “post secret” post card today that said that if the girl’s conservative bf said he loved her before the elections that she’d vote for McCain. There are tons of bullshit, arbitrary reasons behind people’s decisions to vote, on both sides of the board. I simply don’t think that spewing commentary that further supports that behavior is helpful and your hateful, ignorant sounding words are the perfect thing to motivate people to shut their ears.


    “I’m not saying that there aren’t a bunch of ignorant fucks out there voting for the wrong reasons.”

    No, but I am.

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