Trailer Pull Fuck Up

Trailer Pull Fuck Up

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    Trailer: Fucked
    Lower unit: Fucked
    Bottom of boat: Most likely fucked
    Front of truck: Fucked

    Shame this happened to a Bayliner.


    Shit. I didn’t know anyone was watching.


    Now is his really a fail? or just some seriously epic skillz


    How did that happen?


    “…………alcohol was found in the wreckage”.


    This isn’t that uncommon. I know of an incident where a boat slid off a trailer and over the pulling car during an emergency braking. Looks like this car hit the pole and the boat kept it’s momentum.

    Sticky : Bayliner is the Volkswagen of the seas. There’s a plenty and nobody gives a fuck if one is wrecked.


    Rule 34


    I hope he had good insurance. . .

    Serious, truck is totaled, if the boat jumped that far, it meant he was going pretty damn fast, which meant, when he ran that pole, his engine probably sheered off the motor mounts, like at very least, and that’s an insta-total right there, who knows what other damage is to the engine.

    The engine on the boat, probably the most expensive part, is toast, it’s lying there beside the wreckage cause it got knocked off.

    The boat, while, at first glance, looks like it’s all there, it looks like it probably cracked at very least the bottom of the fiberglass hull in at least two places looking at the way it crashed into the pickup.

    Hahaha, I bet this was on a Friday, and the guy was like, “Yeah, I’m going fishing this weekend, going to be a good time!” and then this happened, how awesome is that?

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