Dragonball Z

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Prepare for Epic Fail next spring


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    Again, no… just no.


    I’d sacrifice my right nut, to ensure that this… this… THIS… ARGH.. . “RAAAAAAAGGGGGEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!11oneone!1eleven”


    I don’t think it’s DBZ, just DB. In which case, I say, let em do what they want with it.


    He looks like the guy from Muse. :O


    i, for one, am prepared for fail right nao


    I thought goku was 10 years old in dragon ball. Am I missing something? Also, is that supposed to be Bulma?


    I am determined to enjoy this movie, just to spite the whole internet.

    Fuck you internet and your predetermined ideas of this movie. I shall go into that cinema, I shall eat my popcorn, and I shall have a damn good time watching cinematic perfection.

    I hope.


    Ok, I can accept Bulma being white, and not having blue hair… but Goku?… is obviously supposed to be Chinese and is a thinly veiled copy of like the most famous Chinese character ever.


    according to IMDB the plot is “A young boy named Goku seeks out upon his grandfather’s dying request to find the great Master Roshi and gather all seven Dragon Balls (of which he has one) in order to prevent Piccolo from succeeding in his desire to use the Dragon Balls to take over the world.” I am pretty sure that is their idea of a little boy Goku…I guess…


    Caio, Goku is Saiyan, not Asian.


    That is Chi chi! This is going to be a DBZ movie. They have casted Vegeta and Piccolo as well as others. I don’t know the exact actors/actresses playing them but they are online.


    According to IMDb (which i know is the wikipedia of movies) it’s called Dragonball and Vegeta is not cast thus far. Plus Piccolo was in DB, he was a very very bad guy.

    lurk moar

    to drewlicious:

    actually, that is bulma. played by emmy rossum. and its not going to be DBZ. just DB. and towards the end of DB, goku is a bit older when he fights piccolo at the tournament.


    Phail Movie will be Epic Phail.

    Numero 41

    Trdex Goku was 13 in dragon ball, in the end of dragon ball he married chi chi, he was already an adult.


    Man, that’s Bulma hair and Bulma clothes. Whereas Chi Chi never looked anything like that.


    Haha yeah it’s gonna suck. It can’t live up to the cartoon that we all thought was the shit when we were 14.


    This movie made me kill myself.

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