JFK’s Shoes

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    Luckily McCain and Nixon are the same shoe size


    @vincent, clever. ha!

    wtf? who is comparing obama to jfk? who compares anyone to jfk?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I believe anyone living in NYC or California or who is black would like to compare Obama to JFK, Malcolm X, and Jesus but…you know better.


    Elect him. Watch him fail. Have a ‘black’ president who is only half black and acts and dresses like a GAP ad. Victory for black people…sorta but not really and victory over what?

    But wait that other guy is old?

    Man I wish it were easier to vote for the guy who will single handed run the universe for us.

    Vote Giant Douche!


    how about JFK and 50 cent: back and to the left.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    You know what they say about a guy who has big shoes.


    America has come so far since the Civil War.

    Oh wait, no.


    I think the only think that Obama can’t do that JFK could was bugger Marilyn Monroe. The circumstances are quite similar: scrappy and ambitious young minority (JFK was Catholic, which back then was as bad as being black) vs. crabby, out of touch old curmudgeon who represented the status quo.

    Although I don’t think Obama will need the Mafia to take Ohio. At least I hope not.


    There was only one JFK. There will never be another. Obama is closer to something JFK wiped off the bottom of his shoe…


    Well Obama says McCain doesn’t understand the economy (Which he admitted to) and then he comes and says health care to all welfare etc etc. Because that has shown to work every time in an economy thats slowing down, right.

    One is to wonder exactly the magnitude in which America will be sodomized by the worst running candidates since a long long time, seriously.

    We’re all fucked. We just don’t know how much at the moment.


    Yeah, cuz every other first-world country on the planet provides universal healthcare, and they’re just doing terribly. And when FDR started rolling out government programs in the US to help those who needed the most help back in the 1930s, that was just terrible too. Cuz we all know that when you have a healthy, robust middle class, the rich reeeeally suffer.

    Why is it that those on the right doesn’t understand basic economics? Actually, why is it that those on the right react violently to common economic sense?


    It’s different when “every other” means 6 European Countries and Canada.

    I’m pretty sure they tried that in Brasil. Doesn’t look pretty at all, and this is a country with a stupidly high GDP.

    Plus the concept of Socialism is I’m the big guy, I’ll give it to you. It’s self deprecating, Americans are crafty and ingenuous, we don’t NEED your help, thank you very much. Get over the fact that you’re too lazy to make it. If a mexican with 12 bucks in his pocket makes it to multi-millionare status then a middle class white kid can too.



    Listen, the CIA – that’s the Americans – recognize 35 developed countries including Taiwan (technically not a country according to the CIA.

    Thirty 33 of those countries have universal health care. So if you’re saying that San Marino and the Vatican are gross exceptions than I’ve got news for you idiot.

    In other news, how is Obama anything like JFK?


    Sorry 32.

    Seriously though Thrella it’s funny that you would assume all the advanced economies were white. Forgetting Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan?


    Seriously, though, Japan is a total socialism. Oh except the fact that they have the freest market on earth, and follow the principles of classic capitalism more closely than any other country on the history of earth.

    But I mean, beside their open market and policy and everything else that makes them the archetypical capitalism they do have socialized medicine which Adam Smith wasn’t against SO THEY MUST BE FUCKING COMMIES USA #1

    Also: USA totally a capitalism I mean look, capitalism is based on incentive right:

    The American Upper Class has the incentive to be born because of the closed system of Nepotism at the higher ranks of society. And they have the incentive to run their companies into the ground through bad decisions because they know that if they have the right friends they can get government bailouts with US taxpayer dollars.

    Oh, yes, and they also have the incentive to not pay taxes at all so they’re getting that corporate welfare/bailouts for free. That’s incentive.

    The American Middle Class has the incentive of having no job security, no financial stakes in the companies they work for, and the incentive of having to do everything on credit so they’ll have no money to invest (ADAM SMITH WAS TOTALLY AGAINST THE IDEA OF THE MIDDLE CLASS SAVING MONEY AND INVESTING).

    And of course the poor has the incentive to rob and steal for their daily meal because they have no opportunities to receive a basic education -which pushes them completely outside of the service economy – and if they can find work in an economy that doesn’t need them they spend all their money on healthcare to the point that they can’t afford food and rent.



    Just because i didn’t list all 33 countries that have Universal healthcare (Not to mention what kind because the US has Healthcare… if you pay for it, just not compulsory Health insurance), most of them are administratively small with a fraction of the US population. Logistics play part in keeping everything running on a country the size of a continent, whether hospitals are supplied with medicine and running, and all doctors don’t open clinics or commit suicide from poor pay because we just don’t have enough money to pay for 18 million usually high paid personel with YEARS of study and probably debt because of school.

    Bullshit. Maybe the EU and the Asian countries will Give us a few trillion dollars back and we’ll all be pretty and dandy alienated by big government everywhere, because the US funded a shitton of democracies around the world.

    (and blew up a few in S. America but lets omit that for the sake of i’m glorifying america).


    Either way our health care system right now is not efficient. Everyone should be able to have decent health coverage and cannot. If you do not have the right insurance to the doctor you need, you cannot be seen by that doctor. Insurance companies LOVE the system thanks to good ol capitalism. I know America tries so hard to be different from the rest of the world(we are such rebels) but we could really learn a thing or two in all matters.

    Doesn’t matter anyway though, because at the rate we are going, USA is going to be a subsidiary of China.


    So what you’re saying, now that you’re changing your story, is that Universal Healthcare isn’t Socialistic, it merely would require too much systemic change to make it effective?

    I don’t know if you noticed this but, when faced with the prospect of actual competition with actual functional capitalisms, the US economy is nosediving down the shitter faster than the Republicans can flush. So maybe – just maybe – some systemic change is in order.

    And get over yourself. America payed out to Europe and Japan before either of us were born. And they already payed you back by buffering you from the Russians for a few decades while you sat back comfortably and raked it in.

    Things have changed. Everything from that time is dead. It’s time to move on.


    It is a complete bullshit statement that the U.S. economy is failed. It is the strongest economy in the world. All other economies are tied to ours. If our economy falls, then all others will as well. The U.S Is the largest importer of foreign goods. The Chineese, Japaneese, Canadian, ect would go bankrupt if the United States ceased to exist and import foreign goods.


    And if universal health care works so well in Canada, why does anyone who can afford to, travel south for their medical care?


    Because we have better Hockey.


    America was built on principles that reward hard work. Now you want to over tax the successful in an attempt to reward highschool drop-outs, teen mothers, dead-beat fathers, and illegal immigrants with free healthcare and food. And how do they spend my hard earned tax dollars? Putting 24 inch rims on a busted ass cadillac, a new pair of Air Jordans, and a gold chain around their neck. I am sick of you Democrats taxing me to support people who drive Escalades and can afford to dress better than me. You preach “change”. Well I have a news flash for you, the average middle class American has had about enough of your fucking “change”.



    Well fuck! It’s your only fucking sport. That and a mutant form of football.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “Now you want to over tax the successful in an attempt to reward highschool drop-outs, teen mothers, dead-beat fathers, and illegal immigrants with free healthcare and food. And how do they spend my hard earned tax dollars?”
    Right now we are taxing the middle class to bail-out the so-called successful who run their companies into the ground. $85 billion bail-out to AIG? That’s enough to pay for 6 months of healthcare for everyone in the US. We are already living in a socialist state. Profits are privatized, losses are socialized.


    “And of course the poor has the incentive to rob and steal for their daily meal because they have no opportunities to receive a basic education”

    Every American is bound by law to attend school until age 16. People “choose” not to go to school. It has nothing to do with social class. Poor people have the same education opportunities as the very welthy. You could argue that they have an even greater opportunity. Free school meals, Hope Grants, Pale Grants, ect… It is the lack of self motivation that holds people back in the American education system, not lack of opportunity. Which is, in no small part, the reason why people are poor in the first place.



    Racist much?

    If you’d pull your head out of your ass (where I’m assuming your radio is, as you sound like Rush Limbaugh’s parrot) you might start to realize that those folks who don’t have healthcare instead go to emergency rooms for their medical problems, where the hospitals, by federal law, are required to treat them regardless of their ability to pay. Who do you think pays for it then? Why do you think aspirin is $50 a tablet? Why do you think you’re paying $250 a month for healthcare even if you’re as healthy as possible? The truth is, our healthcare system is more expensive than any other industrialized country in the world… and it doesn’t even cover everyone!

    I’ll say it in a way even a pinhead knee-jerk conservative moron could understand: Workers who have shitty healthcare (cuz they can’t afford adequate healthcare, and somehow can’t just magically make more money like you think they can) are more likely to get sick, and less likely to put in as much work as they could, meaning that the fat-cat CEO for which he works is getting less productivity for his money. Ergo: If the worker doesn’t have to worry about affording healthcare, he’s more likely to get treated for those little problems before they get big, is better able to put in a full day’s work, and is better able to boost the economy rather than be a drain on it. EVERYBODY WINS.

    If you still don’t understand that, then you’re too fucking stupid to bother with.


    “And if universal health care works so well in Canada, why does anyone who can afford to, travel south for their medical care?”

    See you Americans always say that, but I live about 20 minutes from the border and I have never heard of a single person going down there for healthcare. Ever. Don’t know why they would. The hospital is pristine, the ambulances are quick. My doctor is generally ready to see me.

    “over tax the successful”

    How is a wealthy inheritor paying 0% and getting massive taxpayer funds in corporate welfare, corporate bailouts, and other government payout programmes “successful”. Considering the amount of corporate bailing-out you guys have been doing, I’m wondering if there’s one “successful” or even competent millionaire in that country.

    “It is the strongest economy in the world. All other economies are tied to ours.”

    I’m not writing this all up again, but if you care to scan the forums, I have already carefully demonstrated with a good deal of evidence how the American economy is no longer the most powerful, and less and less tied to the rest of the world in a way that is less advantageous to Americans.

    “average middle class American”

    According to polls, apparently not. The vast majority of middle class people are in support of the democrats. The Republicans are mainly supported by the very poor and rural, and the very rich.

    Or do you think you’re the spokesman for all “true Americans”?


    reboot: That tax money comes from everybody. My tax rate is around 17% before medicare and social security. The upper class pay upwards of 30%. Don’t play on the middle class. We are not in your corner. The middle class have struggled from poverty, generation by generation, to be where we are. It is the people who have given up the struggle and accepted your handouts that you cater too.



    You call me a racist? Why? Because I used the words welfare, Cadillac, and Air Jordans in the same phrase? If the fucking shoe fits, wear it. Don’t hide behind delusions that I am the bad guy hell bent on holding all other races back. If people don’t want to fit in that category, may I suggest stop selling crack to kids to pay for new rims for the Escalade.


    WTF is a Pale grant? I’m assuming you mean Pell grant. When I went to college Pell would cover a whole semester, now it only covers ~10%. Thankfully I had Belle Zeller Scholarship and didn’t have to worry about it after Fordham.


    Maybe I spelled it wrong.


    If the middle class worked their way up from poverty, what do we call the rich that have been taken down by taxes? Nothing…’cause they don’t exist.


    I am American you twit, but I would totally go for some Canadian women!


    about the right and politics. Take a basic econ. class and what do they say, government regulation and intervention are bad. Who wants to regulate the market more than anyone else.

    BTW, I’d be shit scared about what Obama said and redistributing wealth.



    And how long is the average wait in Canada for a medical procedure?

    What country has the best five year survival after a cancer diagnosis? Its not Canada, it’s not any country with universal healthcare actually. It’s the U.S. And why? Because privatized medical insurance actually pays doctors.


    Dude, I have an MBA, I’ve taken a lot more than basic econ: everyone has their opinion on gov’t regulation, but NO ONE but an idiot thinks it’s inherently “bad”. Some are in favor of more regulation and some are in favor of less but everyone knows you need some. Like most anything else, government works best with a balance of power vs. freedom… the Republican party has been tilting it towards “freedom” for the last 28 years, and the current economic turmoil is in large part due to this. This is the direct result of the fat-cats making up bullshit stories about how the government is “bad” and fooling lower-to-middle class idiots into thinking allowing the rich to get richer at the expense of everyone else is somehow A GOOD THING. There’s nothing more pathetic than some lower-middle class person who votes against their own self interest because they’re too stupid to realize they’re being played for a sucker by the rich.

    Also… try listening to what Obama actually SAYS for once, instead of what the wacko right says he says. He’s a moderate on most economic and social issues; the only reason people think he’s so severely “liberal” is because anyone looks liberal if they’re anywhere to the left of the Republican core, which is currently off the deep end of the right side. The only legitimate reason to gripe about his planned policies is if YOU are one of those who are making $250,000 or more a year, and I doubt any of the people screaming and yelling here about how Obama’s gonna take all their hard-earned money and give it to Negroes and crack whores makes anywhere near that much money.


    Deuce is absolutely right. I’ve been pretty tl;dr lately so I’ll just say:

    1) Libertarianism is Punk Rock for grown ups, and realistically the republicans don’t really practise it, unless you believe in Republican chain mails.

    2) What a lot of people “know” about Obama’s economic policy comes from chain males.

    In most first world countries, Obama would be called economically conservative. He’s certainly more of a capitalist than McCain is.

    Check out his website sometime. I think you’d be surprised what you find.


    OMFG everyone bow in the presence of an MBA. Im not saying its inherently bad, but it’s not the answer, especially in this case. Unfortunately, responsibility on the part of the average American isn’t something we can instill nowadays.


    You should become a politician, njch, because you just managed to write two entire lines without saying a single thing.

    Oh, and Ipwn, you don’t have to discuss politics with us or say your opinions. You live in Tennessee so the fact that your area is voting republican is a fore drawn conclusion


    And the fact that you dismiss us is the reason you will lose in November.


    @njch. “I’m not saying its inherently bad”, yet earlier you said “government regulation and intervention are bad”. So which is it? Oh, I get it, you’re another one of those “I can’t think for myself, so I spout whatever right wing bullshit I hear on Fox News and change my story whenever someone points out the singularity level hole in my logic.” STFU, go do some actual RESEARCH on your own from legitimate sources, use that withered little grey thing inside your melon and then come back here and try discussing things like a big kid.

    @ipwn. I see you are still drinking “Crazy Redneck Moonshine”. We dismiss you because Ten isn’t worth shit in the election. Everyone knows where your votes are going because your batshit inbred flipper baby families all vote for republicans. (well, the ones who stop fucking their sisters long enough to come down off the mountain do anyway.)

    Plus, football was ripped off, or “mutated” as you put it, from another sport. As was baseball. And basketball was invented by Canadians and golf by the Scots. All of which seem to be wildly popular sports in the U.S. according to ESPN. So quit calling the kettle there pot head. Plus last time I checked, hockey was pretty damn popular in the U.S. Popular enough that they bought a shitload of Canadian players for U.S. teams so they could win the Cup.

    Oh, and privatized medical insurance actually “pays” doctors because the system is run just like the finance system. Corrupt and greedy pharmaceutical and medical corporations and equally greedy doctors and researchers artificially inflating the price of drugs and medical care to pad their own pockets. It must be great to survive cancer and then be in massive debt for life due to medical costs. And thanks to more changes in bankruptcy laws by the republican puppets, you can destroy your credit, and STILL get to pay your debts from your illness. Yayyyyyy!
    Ignorant damn repuppetcans.


    Canadians go down to the US for medical care because of only one thing: Time. The Canadian medical care is far superior to the US medical system, but the problem is that it is a system that is currently overworked. The US, with its current healthcare system, has allowed Canadians to go down there and get faster care when it is necessary. The fact remains that healthcare in the US still also has problems and to start a universal healthcare system there will be most difficult (not impossible). I don’t like to judge people on their talk, but rather on their walk. There is no reason to admire or insult Obama yet. All this remains to be seen. Any politian can make promises, and few of them live up to those expectations. Obama’s promises are so beyond what commonly happens in politics that people either grasp at hope, or feel jaded and completely despaired. The comparison to JFK is commonly made in terms of the issues with economy that JFK faced, as well as the fact that JFK was in fact a “celebrity” type president (along with Reagan).


    Double posting… so sue me bish. Can’t do edits on here.

    garbledxmission makes me rofl.

    Anyway, the fact that we clearly hold the label “black president” for obama is further proof that we really haven’t come as far as many think. Honestly, I want to see colour of the skin reach a point where it is no different than hair. I am BY NO MEANS saying its wrong to call Obama a black president. Rather, I am saying that since we recognize this as a breakthrough (which yes it is) we still havent come full term. The day racism is gone is the day skin IS like hair or eyes when treated in terms of colour. Labeling is a human natural trait, but prejudice is a learned one. When our history passes by and is studied as ancient story, maybe then, just maybe… we can say we have finally achieved Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream. Obama will then be viewed as the “first african american president” and the children in the classroom will look at his picture, unable to comprehend why dumbasses of our generation set him apart based on skin. This may happen, or it may not, but we ARE a step closer and if you fail to recognize that, go slap yourself.


    It’s interesting to go back and read what we wrote about the election and promises made. So far, so good, where Obama is concerned.

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