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    It says: ‘No minute without comedy.’

    And those are some oooold ads. I really love the first one.


    Ich Liebe Duetschland!
    Sie haben die beste dunkle Komödie
    Nicht wie Scheizekopf Amerikaner.

    Seriously people, American television is watered down urine.
    Not only is the shit already bad for you, but they cut it with equal parts Saccharine and Nothing to make you think you’re getting something other than brainfucked.


    Yo better not be talking about Full House because it sounds like what yo talking about and I ain’t gonna hear you say shit about full house, man.

    teezy weezy

    thequietguy, true.


    That is why you turn on something good(Anthony Bourdain, HBO, Showtime, Nat Geo, Daily Show) or go outside or watch a movie.

    I occasionally watch Fox News too, only to see whats spinning and as a parody.


    Deutsche sind merkwürdig.

    America has the best comedy shows, mostly because we have BBC America.


    Nothing wrong with being a little odd.
    I love Doctor Who, I wish BBC America would re-run Tom Baker episodes late at night.
    @Puulahi, you’re right but most people don’t have the presence of mind to watch anything good. As far as shit talking Fox you might have a small point, as long as you realize when your liberal news outlets are ignoring the point, skirting the issue, looking the other way, or displaying a general lack of journalistic ethics.
    , Of course I wasn’t talking about Full House, I still like to masturbate to that show.

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