No Smoking

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I took this picture at the “Cave of the Winds” at Niagara Falls. The walkway actually goes UNDER the falls, so there’s water spraying everywhere. Stand there for more than a second and you get soaked even through the yellow plastic rain ponchos they give out. The No Smoking sign was someone’s twisted idea of a joke.

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    i think this is one of the coolest things about niagara. well, that and the casinos.


    all jokes are twisted ideas


    I love how the American and Canadian sides all wear drastically contrasting colored raincoats. It decides the rescue priority if anyone falls over the edge.
    “Save the ‘People’ first!, then if there is time, the Americans.”


    I utterly hate those stupid yellow ponchos. Has anyone ever actually kept dry from one of those? If you’re going to Niagara Falls, a fucking WATERFALL, wouldn’t you bring a water proof coat with goretex or something?

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