business vs violence

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    When all your skills, all your knowledge, and all your intelligence are barely good enough to land you a job where the only reason you haven’t been replaced by a trained monkey who gets paid in bananas is that you’re considered to be slightly less likely to throw your poop at people when you get mad, you have lost your right to complain about being oppressed. You are nothing more than a pet for humanity. Your life serves no objective purpose other than to remind people what would happen to them if they allow themselves to sink that low.


    Ha…I’d like to see a monkey sling poop as accurately as me!


    How does stealing from the poor work, exactly? By definition the poor don’t have much money. Also, by definition business interactions are voluntary transactions.

    Chet Manley

    Socialist is just another word for idiot.


    If violence is your only answer you probably aren’t that bright, also no business is obligated to provide you with your desired wage or provide products within your price range. With all that being said though its probably better for society that we take care of our underclass.


    6 years later, I wonder how folks feel about this now…?

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