Millenium Park, Chicago

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Being from Houston, I was really impressed with Chicago’s efforts to beautify the city. IMO, Millenium Park is a truly beautiful place for outdoor recreation set in a gorgeous city well-built for business & shopping.

Theater abstract
Enormous reflective bean
Video water fountain

larger sizes & other pictures available:

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    I was in that city a couple of months ago, and hell, it is one hell of a beautiful city. Especially at night. And it is windy indeed.


    I was there last month during “A Taste of Chicago.” A very beautiful city. That fountain in the picture above is very cool but it is seriously creepy.


    You don’t want to know what the cost overruns on that park were. On that “bean” alone it would make you shudder.

    And it got the name windy not because of the weather, but because of the politicians.


    Chicago rocks. The Frank Ghery stage is the coolest I’ve ever seen since it looks like the sound has blasted the metal away.

    What’s funny is the metallic bean’s actual name is Cloudscape, but instantly became known as the bean to everyone. lawl.


    mashugana, this is what Architecture with no brains and an unlimited budget looks like.


    his name isn’t really Ghery, it’s Goldbergstein



    I was there during The Taste Of Chicago too!!! It was while I was visitng my g/f who lives in Plainfield, IL and we took a day trip to the Taste. What awesome foodstuffs there was, I was OM NOM NOM NOM NOMing all day.


    last pic = AWESOME ultimate frisbee feild

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