RPK Machine Gun

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    tiki god

    looks a lot like an ak47 receiver, yes?




    The RPKM was also designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov, and is more or less the same AK-47, gas operated automatic design, with improvements geared towards improving it’s durability and reliability in LMG applications, to support substantially extended continuous fire intervals and extended ranges.

    So yes, it does look like an AK receiver, because it’s pretty much just a heavily redesigned AK-47… 🙂

    Also: DO. WANT.


    That’s actually a RPKS74, the 5.45 magazine and flash hider tells us it’s a 74-variant and the folding stock tells us it’s a S-variant.

    The biggest noticeable differences between RPK74 and AK74M are:
    *) The reinforced trunion and widened reciever to accommodate the reinforcements.
    *) The thicker and longer barrel with different flash hider.
    *) The bipod.
    *) The differntly shaped stock and forearm.
    *) The rear sight can be adjusted for windage.
    *) The 45 round magazine, although this is popular for regular size AK’s with some interior special forces units in the russian army and MVD.

    All in all, a beautiful gun. 🙂


    How did I know before looking at these comments that those two above this one would be here?

    You either looked on Wikipedia, or every single MCS reader is an expert in everything.


    Your completely useless-ass knowledge about something probably entirely unrelated to your life convinces me you’re compensating for a lack of confidence/self esteem and enjoy being “the guy” who points out every variation of a weapon out there so he can look like a “badass” who “knows weapons.”


    I can’t help but notice that it’s ‘ok’ to know things about ANYTHING on MCS – but as soon as you know something about guns, you’re automatically considered ‘that guy who has a very small penis.’

    Why is that, anyway? Firearms enthusiasts aren’t any weirder than musclecar, baseball, or knitting enthusiasts. Guns, like cars, are simple cause-and-effect machines. Sport shooting, like baseball, has it’s famous individuals (ie Rob Leatham), and like knitting, spending time at the range is just a good way to relax.

    I think all of you “LOL UR DIK IS SMAL BCUZ U LIEK A GGUNS LOLOL” need to just grow up and recognize that there are individuals whose hobbies aren’t the same as yours.

    FlyingMantisShrimp, specifically..
    Your completely useless-ass statement about something entirely unrelated to the topic at hand convinces me you’re compensating for a lack of confidence/self esteem and enjoy being “the guy” who has to be a little prick at every opportunity so he can look like an “intellectual” who “understands psychology.”


    If you *really* paid attention to stuff people post on MCS, you’d notice I’m probably one of the biggest “pro gun” guys on this website. But I guess you just missed out on all those other posts before where I’ve defended the ownership of firearms with all of your infinite skills of perception.

    And nowhere on MCS do people comment with nearly as much “wannabe” type enthusiasm as they do when there’s a firearm involved. It’s nice and all that you can just spout off a great list of the features of this weapon, but do you even know how to properly operate it? How to clear any “jamming” type of malfunction it has? Or the different types of failures associated with stoppages?

    I’d bet that people who bother pointing out every subtle nuance in every weapon posted are probably the people who have the smallest amount of range time, and, of course, no experience whatsoever with the application of such weapons outside of the safety of a firing range. But, hey. Maybe you think it’s cute, neat, or impressive that some random civilian knows every retarded detail about the M4 carbine. Again, I’d bet that most of the people here don’t care that you know the muzzle velocity of __random weapon here___. You’re not a professional, and you probably have no idea what half the shit you’re typing means.

    The people I’m talking about are the guya at parties who expertly murder the buzz by launching off into detailed descriptions of stuff nobody cares about. The same guy who picks out every minute detail and follows it with a sentence beginning with the word “Actually,” and then proceeds to inform everybody of how poorly misinformed they are as he takes upon him or herself to educate the masses.

    In short, nobody is impressed nor does anybody give a damn in regards to how much bullshit you either memorized or copy and pasted.


    *Applauds Mantis Shrimp*

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.


    Sheesh wow… so much unnecessary anger…

    Guys, take it easy, it’s a hobby… Like collecting stamps, or being able to identify obscure comic book characters on sight. Those of us who are passionate about those kinds of things tend to get to know a lot of the details that may be inconsequential to others simply from repeated exposure…

    I like the design of knives and the mechanics of guns, they are interesting because they are one of the few technologies that keep changing in creative ways, in spite of the fact that they all need to follow same basic formulae…

    Yes, I do recognize most of them on sight, and there are a few that I’ve had to ask what it is, but it’s purely for my own interests, I don’t really care if anyone cares or not.

    I don’t claim to know everything, and I’ve been proven wrong many times, but it doesn’t matter because I really do it to learn more about it.

    That’s what a hobby is about… I might not have even said anything on this one but for Tiki’s post… And I certainly wasn’t aware of many of the details supernaut posted so I thought it was useful information.

    If you don’t give a damn, why does it bother you so much? Just ignore it… Jeez… how hard is that?


    Sorry, Phyre. My response wasn’t really directed at you, as how all you mostly do is really point out the make and purpose of the weapon. You don’t dive into details like “The barrel has a 1 in 5 twist,” “There is a rear windage knob,” or any other stupid, extraneous bullshit.


    Not trying to impress anyone, I just like AK’s and as anyone who has an interest I get annoyed when people get things wrong.

    It’s the same with any other interest or area of expertise I have. It’s just that weapon pics on MCS are more common than examples of OOP AS3 code or disussion on direct action anarchism.

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