please enjoy the following artwork

tumblr_m380c3zGV31qb5gkjo1_500.jpg (53 KB)

ya freaking nazi

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    Better work than half the students at my old art school could ever produce.


    and he actually made a living out of his art for a while… crazy world.

    btw, the color scheme matches the nazi uniforms and the middle picture’s bare bricks and architecture matches the eagle nest’s appearance. crazy, ha ?


    Damn snobby Austrian art professors. If they’d let him in, he’d have spent his life drawing naked women (or men or dogs, whatever floated his U-boat) and working out his psychological issues on a canvass. But noooo… he vaz not gut enaff for zee Vienna Akademy.


    This pic is just as pointless as we are benefiting from all the stuff the space program has made possible for mankind thanks to a SS-officer/scientist, just shows that greed trumps justice


    Did I like the art? Yes. Did I like the socialism or genocide? No.


    Yeah, because socialism is the same thing as National Socialism. Uh huh…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Well since Socialism as a broad term is too broad and you need to offer up an alternative sub category of it then yes it is actually the same thing. derp


    There you go again, making me upvote a comment of yours. Your game is slipping, man. What is wrong with you? 🙂


    Nah, don’t fall for it. Just keep auto-downvoting the nigga.


    Using that logic, I’m the same person as my father!


    So, I guess the main idea here is, I _shouldn’t_ go back to 1933 once I get my time machine up and running?