Star Trek Motorcycle

Star Trek Motorcycle

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Now I’ve got something to ride to Sturgis!


    But does his Mom let him park it in the driveway ?

    I’m a trekker from way back…
    But even I have to say…
    You’ve got to be joking…


    What a failure trekkie there’s no america in the future.


    there’s still a san fransisco and that’s were starfleet is.


    American Flag is a piss off.
    StarFleet Academy is in San Francisco, the
    city still gets a name. But USA is gone.
    mind you, I don’t like the U.S. in this time…
    The bike is still fricking awesome.


    Starfleet headquarters is in SF but the CAPITAL OF THE FEDERATION is in Paris. Also it appears they only let French people be captains: That’s Will Shatner’s first language (listen closely to his accent) and Jean-Luc Picard? Right, more like Sisqueau.

    Face it: In Gene Rodenberry’s perfect future, Americans have become the menial slave-servants of their French overlords. Enjoy your bondage.


    This is a trike, not a motorcycle.

    It might not even be powered by a motorcycle engine… could be, but it isn’t necessarily so.

    There is no way Americans will bend over for the French. If anything will make the people finally stand up for themselves… the threat of that should.


    The guy that owns this lives here in San Diego. He used to run for mayor in every election and ride the trike in every parade. I haven’t seen him in a while though.


    It’s a motorcycle. Trikes and bikes are both types of motorcycle, since motorcycle doesn’t specify how many wheels it has.


    None of the bikers that I grew up with that drove trikes would have ever called their trike a motorcycle. As far as I am concerned, using life experience as my source for definition, it is not a motorcycle even if related to them.


    The DMV doesn’t require you to have a motorcycle endorsemant to ride a Trike, so the two are different in the eyes of the law. It’s a car that’s missing a wheel. Yet, it’s allowed in the HOV lanes. Go figure.

    Oh, and that is a TRIKE. Not a motorcycle. I can tell by the rear end it is VW powered.

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