Uparmored Hummer

M1097a11025a2xx-002.JPG (494 KB)

M1097a11025a2xx-005.JPG (360 KB)

M1097a11025a2xx-012.JPG (305 KB)

M1097a11025a2xx-018.JPG (215 KB)

M1097a11025a2xx-026.JPG (423 KB)

AMG M-1025A2 Series Up armored HMMWV. Chassis rated at 12,100lb, 210HP 6.5 Turbo diesel w/Computer controlled 4-speed overdrive 4L80-E transmission. Heavy Variant run-flat 37” tires and matching bead-locking HHV battle wheels, O’gara-Hess & Eisenhardt doors and windows.

Perfect for those trips to Taco Bell for a Chalupa.

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    My brother made the armor for those vehicles.


    I wonder how many RPG’s they tested on it. That’s pretty fucking important where I come from.


    Looks much safer.


    … till it rolls over a mine, or close to an IED…


    Total piece of shit. The US should have totally abandoned the antiquated HMMWV platform. The fact that is is brand new and lacks a properly mounted turret is appalling, because it means the turret is (again) going to overload the platform, causing reliability and performance issues. The fact that in the 22nd century we’re still using turrets instead of a modern weapons system such as a RWS or CROW is also shameful. IT literally causes Americans to die unnecessary deaths, and leads to higher collateral damage because an “manually” pintle stabilized gun, with a personal holding it bouncing all around… Read more »


    I entirely agree.

    Rumor mill is they’ll be gone by FY2016 due to all the complaints.

    The DoD is finally getting some common fucking sense up in that bitch.