anderson cooper

anderson cooper

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    Anderson cooper is going for a quicky with his righty LOL


    Anderson cooper is going for a quicky with his righty ROLF


    lol MH

    I understand the gays love AC. Is that the case, gays?


    jascas_ – yeah. i’d hit it.

    purple banana

    I LOVE YOU, AC! Ah, the Silver Fox… I only wish he weren’t (probably) gay 🙁


    He’s been outed a couple of times now, but I’d still buy tickets to that gun show. Why are all the gays so darned yummy? *pouts*


    His public reticence contrasts deliberately with his mother’s life spent in the spotlight of tabloid journalists and her publication of memoirs explicitly detailing her affairs with celebrities. Independent news media have reported that he is gay, and in May 2007, Out magazine ranked him second among “The Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America.” He does discuss some aspects of his personal life including his desire to have a family and children.


    Adrominik the gay male reporting…

    *drool* Om nom nom

    I would let him do anything to me
    That guy is hotter than Death Valley.


    I agree with you, chandrielle. He’s just damn beautiful.


    Chicks only like gay guys because it’s something they can’t have. I’m really neat and good looking and girls ask say I’m hot, then ask me if I’m gay. When i say no they seem… disappointed.

    Not all skinny neat men are gay, y’know.


    Are you sure it’s not because a couple questions earlier you had answered them “Yes” when asked if you had genital warts? I wouldn’t want a guy with genital warts attracted to me either.

    Haha, just kidding.

    Probably because they’re looking for a gay friend to go shopping with them. *Sigh*… Yeah, stereotypes, they suck. I absolutely deplore going shopping (for clothes). I have no interest in going to the mall unless it involves a movie, video games/electronics/computers, or going store to store asking for free samples. XD

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