ACLU Illegal Wire tapping complaint Advert

I just filed a complaint, and so should you!

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    done and done.

    i’m fixing to post this on /b/


    Blah, blah, blah……I know how it goes, “It’s a violation of my rights, my privacy, etc.”

    Well, I don’t care. Let them see my records, I have nothing to hide. Let them. Those who have something to hide should bitch about this.

    And finally, let the flaming BEGIN!


    typical ACLU BS. I am not sure who is worse, the ACLU or Al-Qaeda.
    People need to wake up and see that if they do not give a little to protect our interests we will lose them all.

    beep beep

    How do they know that these companies are spying on us if it is done secretly?


    I agree with j_bryon.
    Oooo your telephone records were released to the government, bfd. If this bothers you then maybe you shouldn’t use the services of a major corporation to conduct illicit business. I’m pretty sure the NSA doesn’t give a shit that you cant remember you grandma’s snickerdoodle recipie and have to call her weekly to get it.


    @beep beep – A whistleblower came forward, at which point the bulk siezure of the records came to light

    – Whose interests exactly are “protected” by scanning through everyone’s phone and internet logs and compiling tracking data on the entire country? Perhaps you should be required to wear a tracking chip and have cameras installed in every room of your home “in case you’re a terrorist”? You *do* have a cell phone you carry with you, right?

    *j_byron – Thanks, but I don’t need the extra “targeted solicitations” aka “junk mail and spam” from when the government accidentally slips all my personal data to marketing firms.


    AT&T: your world, delivered, to us!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Yeah, BFD. The constitution is just a piece of paper. Its not like the President would ever make a list of enemies and try to mess with their lives.

    The Lawnmower

    Has MCS always been occupied by the /k/ nuts?


    It’s nice to see the sheep still blindly follow.
    Civil liberties ? Freedom? those are all antiquated buzz words .
    The only words anyone needs to know now is police state. Thank you Mr. Bush and the Republican war machine , and no need to spy on me for “I am not a criminal” .


    The argument is that the NSA and the telcos broke the law. Period. All you people obviously don’t mind the government and corporations violating the law with no repercussions. Good to know.

    Although it’s moot point now, the Senate and House have already passed the bill to give the telcos immunity from what they’ve done.


    “Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither.” –Benjamin Franklin


    I don’t particularly care that they may have seen my records, but I do care that they can get anyone’s record…just because.


    : thank you
    @nyokki: thank you
    : it’s “I am not a Crook.” had you not had the monicker you do, I would have let it slide.

    for the rest of you retards, who don’t care, it sets a bad precident. even if you don’t wanna act, you should at least care. maybe we can’t fix this, but if we all raised our voices, they might not do it again. In France, the politicians are still afraid their people will kill them. Fuckin a!


    My God, why do you think the constitution was written in the first place.

    1) Give the Administration the right to imprison without trial.

    2) Unlimited surveillance

    3) Every other freedom is impossible now!

    Tell me, seriously, what freedoms are you respecting your troops for dying for again? Freedom to show unrestrained agreement with the glorious policies of fearless leader?


    And I’ll tell you right now, if any of you who are willing to give up your rights had any experience as a regular person in a good, friendly dictatorship, you wouldn’t even consider “tightening your freedom belt” or however you offhandedly dismiss it.

    Do you realize that the forefathers, before the revolution, had more freedoms than you do today?


    If you don’t have anything to hide why should it matter? I’ll be the first to raise the flag of revolution if my rights are being stepped on, but if the NSA listening to me talk to a buddy about something totally trivial weeds me out a potential terrorist and allows them the time to pursue more viable leads and locate, capture, and submit actual terrorists to trial(or kill the fuckers for all I care) then so be it. It seems to me the ACLU(the very useless individuals they are!!!)are being a little over sensitive! I didn’t see them raising hell when the City of New Orleans stomped, nay SHIT all over citizens’ CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT of the second amendment when they without warrants conducted weapon confiscations on law abiding citizens!! Not to mention that if the NSA wants your phone records because of suspected terrorist activities THEY WILL GET THEM!!! WE are at war people the name of the game is catch terrorists! AT ALL COSTS! Whether you choose to believe it or not the fact is that this war is not just being fought on the frontlines of Iraq and Afghanistan with bullets and bombs but right here in our midst with information and due legal process. I deplore you all don’t allow yourselves to be used as pawns and sheep of the ACLU’s useless and fruitless campaign which basically just amounts to a big steaming pile of nothing! Just another bullshit banner that a useless organization can pad their agenda with and make themselves feel special with!


    “If you don’t have anything to hide why should it matter?”

    Because the administration can now imprison you without trail, and monitor you at all times? Basically the administration has the power, whether you are using it or now, to police every action of yours whether it is illegal or not.

    Let me spell it out for you:

    You to buddy: “Boy, I sure don’t agree with this new bill.”
    *Administration identifies potential enemy, and you vanish forever*

    That might sound like an overraction, but it has happened hundreds of times around the world. Why will it be any different in America?

    You dumbfuck, white, cheeseburger-fed Americans think that dictatorship is something that happens to non-whites on the TV.

    Do you know how many democracies have become dictatorships over similar legislation? Nowadays, most.

    Do you know why Juan Peron was the most beloved dictator in history? Because when he disappeared you he stayed disappeared.

    Watch your TV and eat your cheeseburgers now, because eventually someone in a future administration will take advantages of all these “small sacrifices” and the US will become just another 3rd world dictatorship shithole. No more cheeseburgers for you when innocents are vanished just to keep the populace on their toes.


    That’s the thing about you whites: You grew up with freedom. Your fathers grew up with freedom. Your grandfathers grew up with freedom. You’ve known nothing but a free society for so long, that you don’t even realize what you have and how quickly it can all be taken away.


    I love how Caio says “You dumbfuck, white, cheeseburger-fed Americans think that dictatorship is something that happens to non-whites on the TV.”

    My question to you: Are you currently living here in our fine nation?

    If your answer is no then HOW IN THE FUCK WOULD YOU KNOW how things are and they will be in this glorious nation of ours?

    If your answer is yes then how dare you suckle of the tit of the fine and glorious nation of ours and then have the nerve to bitch because the milk isn’t to your liking, If things are better elsewhere GO ELSEWHERE! Not to mention if you not here why should it matter to you anyway?

    As to your arguement:
    “Let me spell it out for you:

    You to buddy: “Boy, I sure don’t agree with this new bill.”
    *Administration identifies potential enemy, and you vanish forever*”

    How many times have you expressed such beliefs on the phone (If you feel so adamantly about it and felt brave enough to express them to me on this site I sure a few times at least, don’t lie) You obviously haven’t disappeared yet… So it doesn’t seem as bad as you’re spouting. And the Patriot Act as been in effect for good little while now so don’t come back at me with some bullshit like “It is not that bad yet, but it will be.”

    All of this not withstanding the simple fact of the matter is that the ACLU is a useless banner waving sham of an organization!! I for one will not allow myself to be used as a pawn in their bullshit agenda, to be another name on a bullshit list that will accomplish NOTHING!!! What has the ACLU accomplished in all of their banner waving bullshit campaigns other than a few Ten Commandments tablets and a flag changed in Georgia, JACK FUGGIN SHIT!!! No real policy changes no real rights protected, so as I said JACK SHIT!!! So I’ve said my piece and will say no more…for now.


    BigBoss, you were goin pretty good there, I was pretty much with you through all that, but then at the end YOU FUCKING FAIL:


    “Are you currently living here in our fine nation?”

    I lived in your fine nation, some time ago. I now live about fifteen minutes north of the border. A quick click on the link and maybe a little MOAR LURKING would have told you that, and probably have spared you a tl;dr lecture.

    In fact, if you’d have lurked more, you’d also know I’ve got degrees in history, and have had a lot of experience with the developing world. Again: You’d have nothing to worry about IF there was no such thing as corruption or abuse of power. But there always is, and it always results in the destruction of the economy and a descent into a corrupt third-world hell-hole.

    But, it’s your country, you fuck it up, Paco.

    By the by, I usually do my shopping in your impoverished near-dictatorship. I have three states sending me “newspapers” with names like “cross-border” begging me to spend my valuable currency down there. I hear you can feed an American family for a week for mere pennies now. What Tijuana was to you 40 years ago, the United States is to me now. Enjoy your internet arguments while you can, because soon blindly hading over your economic and civil rights to the corrupt and corruptible will just make you another shithole, and you will not be able to afford electricity and running water.


    Whew what a large list of victories that I knew nothing about, for my missinformation in that point I do renege however it does appear to me that after the end of the of the civil rights struggles the organization has become less and less effective. From the 80s on I see a bunch of not much. I also find a little intriguing that at the bottom of the document it says: “Copyright 1996, The American Civil Liberties Union” They failed to mention all of the battles they’ve entered and accomplished Jack.
    Good arguement though I salute you.


    BigAss, you can bend over and salute your own nutsack. Can’t you even admit your wrong without being wrong again?

    learn to google, bitch.


    Caio, the exchange rate today is

    $1 US = $1.0083 CAN

    here’s your source:

    wow, soon you may be worth a full penny more.

    go hang out on some Canadian websites, douche.


    It’s my country too and I can say whatever the fuck I like, or don’t like, about it…for now. I’m certainly not going to leave it because I don’t like what I’m seeing. As a matter fact, I consider it my duty to say something when I think we’re going in the wrong direction. The ACLU may not win every fight, or even most fights. It’s still important that someone is saying it LOUDLY. Dis-liking and not trusting government, any government, is what our Constitution and Bill of Rights are all about. This is especially true of our government and it is practically a civic duty of every American to rail against the current (each one actually) administration. What do you think the 2nd amendment is really for? Don’t tell me (or any American) to leave because we disagree w/ any other person/administration. When people say stuff like that, I wonder what country they were brought up in. Love it or leave it? Really? Why? Trusting government is the most un-American thing I can think of. I really don’t understand how people like that can so misunderstand what it means to be an American. STFU or GTFO does not apply to Americans or America. Period.



    “Trusting government is the most un-American thing I can think of.”



    Been a while since I’ve visited this fair site, and so I’ve probably missed the argument, but for the record:

    BigBoss, some things to realize:
    1) Using a lot of exclamation marks does not prove your point. The more you use the more hyperactive and whiny you sound. Use less and you’ll be taken more seriously.
    2) You also ignore the fact that they BROKE THE LAW in order to do this. The government should not be above its own laws. That should go without saying
    3) Finally, and most importantly, your view that “the terrorists” should be found and tortured/killed/imprisoned “AT ALL COST” is one of the most foolish arguments I can think of. The day the ends always justify the means is the day you are more than capable of becoming as bad/worse as the evil you are fighting. An extremely dangerous path to follow.


    So, to recap:

    Part of government that provides social programs = MAKE SMALLER

    Part of government that spies upon the people = MAKE BIGGER

    yay freedom.


    Max, never have they tried to make the government smaller. Maybe they have, I don’t know, but honestly Republicans can’t tow that banner anymore. On top of the Military, FBI, ATF, CIA, NSA, Secret Service, U.S. Marshalls, State, local, and county police, we now have the Department of Homeland Security. wtf?

    and they’re trying to take away our militias, guns, and they took us off the gold standard. Either our alien master race is coming soon, or America and the constitution are probably gonna get very different. or both.


    Civil liberties matter. They matter and if you think they don’t then you don’t really believe in the rule of law and the foundation of America. If that’s the way direction you want to take then so be it but just know which way that line of thinking heads.


    That link doesn’t work.


    Yeah, I’m with you there, Dyna-Mole. Originally I thought “Homeland Security? then what’s the DoD for?”
    I’m not sure if your first thing is an argument against what I said or a general statement. Since I didn’t mention lessening its size, I’ll assume the latter, in which case I’d have to agree.

    Militias I’m not sure we really need, as anyone dumb enough to invade America would in all likelihood get their shit tossed, unless it was a huge coalition or just a giant country (India or China) in which case nukes would get fired before long and everybody’d get fucked. Which means that’s not likely.
    Guns (at least the recreation type AKA pistols, semi-auto/muzzleloader/non-armor-piercing-types) I’m all for keeping, as I’ve shot quite a few of thems mahself. Nothing wrong with having a little fun (observing the more obvious safety stuff). Using them for safety I haven’t really thought about much, though I doubt taking them away would help too much. Easy enough to get them anyways if you want them and you can’t make existing ones dissappear (as mentioned in another thread I believe).
    Gold Standard I’m not sure we could have stayed on if we tried. Our ability to spend would’ve gone down and we may not have been able to keep up.

    Aw shit I tl;dr’ed again.


    sorry, Max, that was for ChrisHateFreedom.

    I think the main role of a militia would be to protect us from our own government and police.

    Our alien master race bred us here as slaves-unawares here to mine gold. gold which is used to create shielding from the radiation of outerspace. the pyramids were to fill with gold not be tombs. our gold may not be in a pyramid, but it’s waiting somewhere.

    not sure if that last paragraph is true, but this kid in the park broke it down, and inside i was like, “I can honestly see it happening.”



    I’m not sure that’s even plausible, though. buncha guys with some guns against planes and tanks? Sure guerrilla warfare may work for a while, but with propaganda and spin the way it is, the ones fighting in militias would be in the distinct minority. And even then not for long.

    @nyokki and Fallacy (assuming you’re still monitoring this):

    I believe (shot in the dark here) he’s trying to quote a poem that was in the back of my History classroom in high school (yeah I didn’t always pay attention)

    First they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out, for I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for the union workers, and I did not speak out, for I was not one of them.
    Then they came for the homosexuals (etc etc etc TILL)
    And then they came for me, and no one was left to speak out for me.

    Not a bad one, that.

    Also tell me if I’m wrong Fallacy. I’ll feel like an ass.

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