Pretty Flowers…

samsouthpadre.jpg (112 KB)

oh, and my wife from when I started dating her in 2005.

(even though no one really asked for it in the “Just About to…Umm…Sneeze” thread, I was just following through)

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    Is she cool with you posting bikini photos for teenage boys to fap to later? If she is, have at it. She’s cute.


    I’d hit it – of course I don’t believe she is your wife.


    There are indeed some pretty flowers on that bikini, but why’d you marry a plant? You sick floraphile!


    I wonder if that fridge is nicely stocked.

    Teutonic Logic

    I call bullshit, how do we know thats your wife and not some pic you lifted off of flikr.


    if you care about someone that looks like that, you keep her away from this site at all costs.


    a little bit of a fupa on her eh?


    OK, token, point from that previous sneezing thread well-taken: my hat’s off to you, sir! Now, get that lovely lady off of this site!


    I call bullshit. Hey everyone I’m married to Rachel Bilson. I’m going to post her photo so you can all see.

    Teutonic Logic


    your so full of shit you arent married to Rachel Bilson. She isnt even married at all, she is engaged to Hadden Christianson (he is totally gay, engagement is just for show).


    She’s gorgeous.

    @Teutonic Logic:

    Wait what. When did he claim that. Or am I missing something here.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “my wife from when I started dating her in 2005.”
    “she was in fact 2 months pregnant with our son at the time.”
    There are some inconsistencies with this story. She was 2 months pregnant when you started dating? Was she already pregnant or do you have time traveling sperm?
    Also, I agree with oh2ohz, there is something extremely creepy about posting bikini pictures of your wife(?) to a website like MCS. Does she know that you’ve done this?


    Yea I agree with reboot. Something smells fishy here and it’s not your wife.


    I believe he is married or a consistent liar. A quick Google search reveals that he “has a wife” on at leats 10 different forums. No pics yet though. 🙁


    Is your wife’s name Samantha? And if you do indeed live in Houston, it makes sense you would vacation in South Padre… >_>

    or you are a meticulous liar.



    lucky bastard no matter who’s wife .


    so your calendar goes july-june-august or was it begining of july -> end of august?

    “newfag” is adorable. thanks for playing.


    tell her i would like 2 pina coladas, 3 coronas, 4 lemon drop shots & a pu pu platter. Hard to find good waitresses these days – token she’s not your wife, she’s my waitress

    Howie Feltersnatch

    I’m sure no one will believe me, so I don’t know why I’m even posting this, but I fucked her….


    @token2k6: I never hid my sources. Google and your screenname. That’s it. 🙂


    Token is married to this woman,her name is Samantha (Sam) and in fact I am responible for setting them up or was at least an accomplice to my fiance setting him up.


    She’ll look 45 by the time she’s 30, that’s the problem with them.


    @Howie Feltersnatch: I’m sure everyone will believe me, so I don’t know why I’m even posting this, but I you’re stupid.


    @token2k6: You have a hot wife dude. You from Hawaii? Is she hapa(I think that’s the right slang) half Hawaiian/half Asian?


    She’s hot, I’ll believe you for now.


    Very Cute Wifey there.


    She’s beautiful token.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    @Immanuel: Someone needs to brush up on his [mcs] memes.


    who really cares whether he’s a proud husband or a delusional liar? if he says so, who r u to call him a liar? get over yourself.


    Now that is proof of a lucky token…


    @token2k6: Newfag? What are you, twelve? Not saying this supports the ‘fake’ line of thought, but it does make it sound like you spend plenty of time surfing 4chan.

    As to the claim of this being your wife, I’m inclined to believe it. why not? Sure, she’s a fairly pretty lady and hardly overweight, but she’s definitely not a model or anything. It’s clearly a picture of someone’s wife.

    Either way, you had to have known that this was going to happen.


    shiny stretch marks.


    Very pretty face