daniel craig – destroyer of a franchise

daniel craig - destroyer of a franchise

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    Sure you know the difference between “casting,” “directing” and “acting?”

    INMNSHO he is one of the best Bonds. He could even be the best but I’ll wait for the next film before declaring victory.


    no way1


    I think the fact that he is not that good for a “traditional Bond”, makes him perfect his Bond character since Solace and Royale are both early stages/pre 007. Its good that Craig doesn’t seem to have that cool/suaveness to his character.


    Also, Bond is a bastard in the books. So Craig is great, he plays the Bond that Ian Flemming made.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Best Bond ever.


    I’ve read a few of Ian Flemming’s books: You only live twice and The Man With the Golden Gun. The Bond we’re fond of in the classic films is not the Bond in the books. The books portray Bond as a lot more of an ice cold killer, actually a little more like Craig. I’m fond of Connery, Brosnan, AND Craig, because each helped enrich the franchise in their own way. Fuck Roger Moore and the others. If you haven’t read the books, then you can’t say that Craig isn’t how Flemming envisioned Bond. If you have read the books,… Read more »


    So yeah, that’s pretty much a longer way of stating what Ben1605 stated.

    tiki god

    a longer way of being WRONG you mean.

    fuck the books, no one but hippie intellectuals read anymore anyways, amirite? I long for the days when the bond franchise stood for more then slack acting and poorly scripted plots that a four year old could write better.


    I hope you aren’t serious, tiki.


    I was hoping Tiki would agree with me. I’m crushed.

    But seriously, Roger Moore? George Lazenby? Timothy Dalton tried, but didn’t do it for me.

    Those movies got too campy for me. I suppose that makes me slightly hypocritical… since I love Adam West as much as Keaton and Bale as the Batman.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Casino Royale wasn’t badly written at all. The short selling angle enlisted by Le Chiffe was amazing. The airport scene was perfect. The card game is a little long but the development of the character during the game is great. If anything it was more mature and better written than 98% of all other Bond movies. I had no problems with the acting either. Casino Royale had a more mature and realistic Bond. Not just a cold blooder killer but more so human being in an extraordinary situation. I thought Craig did a great job conveying that with the right… Read more »

    tiki god

    I’m dead serious. Wanna know how serious? I even wrote a shitty assed review in the comments waaaay back in the day when his first one came out :

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I long for the days when the bond franchise stood for more then slack acting and poorly scripted plots that a four year old could write better.

    That has to be sarcasm. Bond movies were never more than brain-dead popcorn flicks. Sean Connery flying around on a jet-pack isn’t the peak of intellectual film.


    correct me if i am wrong, but according to the storyline, wasnt he supposed to be one of the very first bonds? if that is the case, then yea, he would be a rash bastard, not the suave guy like connery. it would only make sense that the first bond would have no idea how to act.


    Real Bond, not “go-go gadget!” Bond, like a few previous ones.


    destroyer of a franchise?

    umm, you best be trolling, nigger


    I have to agree with Tiki. This is the end of what was a good franchise. It’s not Craig’s fault. Blame Michael G Wilson for the franchise demise. He has actually been pushing a teen Bond idea around town ever since Cubby died. He will be the one to screw the Bond Pooch.


    The new bond is more like Mission Impossible. Casino Royal; they knew who he was and what he was going to do from the beginning! Thumbs down

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    The new movie looks amazing. movies.yahoo.com/movie/1809961074/video/8598268/ The end of the franchise was avoided and avoided extremely well. The plot in Casino Royale was excellent. Le Chiffe borrows money from African rebels and shorts stock in an aircraft company. He then pays (2) bomb makers to blow up the new aircraft by the manufacturer so that the stock will plummet. Bond intervenes and Le Chiffe is out 150 million. Le Chiffe then organizes a card game for high stakes betting because he’s desperate and is resorting to his math skills to help him win. Bond gets sent in because he’s actually… Read more »


    “no one but hippie intellectuals read anymore anyways, amirite?”
    then how did you know what the conversation was about?


    Brosnan is a tool.
    Goldeneye was his only passable Bond flick and even that wasn’t as good as Casino Royale.


    ‘Casino Royale’ was the first Bond film that was vaguely credible as a film for decades; no contrived supervillains with ludicrous death rays aimed at the world, just real flawed people in realistic situations. A massive improvement over anything there’s been since the Connery days.


    i loved Casino Royale. it was my favorite bond movie. it was more about a story and tension then the few before it which were action flicks. Craig is great


    @ mAgnUS BUTTfoorson:
    Yep that was Wilson’s fault. He still, to this day, wants to make a live action teen Bond film.


    Daniel Craig is better than Sean Connery.
    who is better than George Lazenby
    who is better than Pierce Brosnan
    who is better than Roger Moore
    who is better than Timothy Dalton.

    Daniel Craig’s the shit. Casino Royale was the best Bond film EVER—and that includes Goldfinger which is boring.


    His damn duckmouth is enough to ruin the franchise alone.


    There seems to be a preponderance of phaggotry on this board attacking Casino Royale. You are all just internet retards. Keep your nine dollars and don’t go to see Quantum, but just shut up about it.