Shitty James Bond?


God, he better not suck.

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    tiki god

    Ok, so I just got back from the movies, seeing the new james bond movie…and it sucked.

    Daniel Craig was great, he’s not too bad of an actor, and has a great body that’s perfect for a “Bond”… Sadly, he has to wave his arms like a nancy while he runs..and this movie had a LOT of him running. Running after black men in africa, running after cars, running after truck, running after luggage handlers, running after girls, running from bullets…you get the picture, this dude can run. And wear a swim suit.

    Sadly, the only good thing about the movie was Mr Craig. The plot was nonexistent, the editing was painful to watch, the girls all seemed watered down versions of previous Bond girls (and no suggestive names? Pussy Galore weeps in her grave!) and finally, the narrative during the “main action scene” (playing a hand of cards sadly) has been complained about. For me, the narrative was useful, because I didn’t know shit about the game they were playing, and hold most games of chance in the same light as that homeless dude on the side of the road that wants you to find the pea under one of his cups.

    My one liner review: “An earnest attempt that should have folded it’s hand well before the 2 1/2 hour mark it ultimately died at.”


    Best one I’ve seen in years. The old style bond was so tired.

    Luke Magnifico


    Pierce Brosnan is the best Bond there ever was and ever could be.

    However, I have do admit that Craig did a damn good job.

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