if god is your co-pilot …switch seats

if god is your co-pilot ...switch seats

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    tiki god

    you know, I’m actually kinda confused on what this bumper sticker is trying to say


    It is saying that God should be running one’s life, not there as backup if we fail.

    tiki god

    I kinda thought it meant that if god was in control (ie like your co pilot) then you’re out of your mind.

    is this pro religion or anti religion?


    Maybe I don’t know much about piloting, but I thought co-pilots are…well…”co”-pilots in the sense that “co” denotes no implication of one holding a higher status or more responsibility than the other.

    Aka, “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic”.

    Meh, I shouldn’t care about a bumper sticker anyways…


    maybe god’s just a better pilot.


    If God were my copilot, I’d make a special point of crashing in the mountains so I’d have to eat him to survive.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I think it means that if you’re that of good friends with God, let him fly a plane while you get be omnipotent.


    My take on it:

    If God is your copilot, then you are a religious nut.
    Switch seats.
    Since God doesn’t actually exist, nobody will be flying.
    Since nobody is flying, you will crash and die.
    Since you are dead, the world has one less religious nut.

    If this is supposed to be an anti-religion version of the original, it does a poor job of communicating that.


    Speaking as a co-pilot I can say that my job is to carry everybody’s pubs,fill out paperwork, and in general be treated like the new pledge at a frat.

    I doubt God would be interested in the job.


    if god is your co-pilot, you don’t have to worry because your plane never took off anyway.