GWB’s Future Presidential Suite

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    Don’t forget Cheney


    and Rumsfeld and Rove along w/ Rice for good measure.


    that looks to be a cell for Arab detention… note the open pit toilet… Ohh wait.. look at the file name.. yep


    Just because it’s at Gitmo doesn’t mean we can’t put Bush & Co there.

    In fact, I think that would be poetic justice.


    All in favor?



    Thank God there will be a new president soon. I am so tired of all the bitching about Bush. Hopefully a Democrat is elected to satiate all the crybabies. This country gets worse every day, while the Republicans and Democrats only look for new ways to spend our money.


    Hahahahaha, Yeah right, If convicted of anything they’d spend 3-6 months at a minimum security resort.



    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Wow you guys are all so savvy.

    It’s like I’m swimming around inside Jon Stewart’s balls.

    I hope Obama wins so everyone can get what they want and then realize no matter who wins we lose.


    ok i’m sorry boys and girls but i’m just sick of all the political bull$#!t of the past 8 years and next god-knows-how long and i need to let go. so bush has made mistakes. deal with it. name a president that hasn’t. clinton fucked an intern, nixon fucked us all, truman fucked us all, teddy roosevelt fucked us all, kennedy was retarded, LBJ was even more retarded…. DEAL WITH IT! POLITICANS ARE OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY AND ARE LOST CAUSES!!!!! and do you really think not having bush in the oval office will make a difference? all its… Read more »


    …Is it that time of the month again, Gilez? Or is this a once-every-four-years kind of thing?

    Billy Manic

    I actually don’t mind living here.
    Fuck the rest of you.


    You know the current administration isn’t as bad as you guys make it out to be. You wanna talk corrupt? President Woodrow wilson passed most of the “big Government” laws we have today along with the Income tax. Income tax was supposed to be temporary to finance WWI but they ended up making it permanent, which is a major reason why our economy begins faltering on a regular basis. Howabout Richard Nixon and the “war on drugs”? Sure drugs are bad but the cartels pay off lobbyists to keep them illegal and unregulated meanwhile stripping us of our constitutional rights… Read more »


    All the whining bitches can shut the hell up and go about your smug, happy little lives enjoying the freedom you have that this nation provides you. If you think this country has so many problems and it’s just too difficult to reside here due to the “horrible” administration, move to fucking France you spoiled, spoon-fed pussies. To Gilez, Billy Manic and Lotus….Thanks to you for making sense. There’s far too little of that in this list of comments.



    that was more along the lines of the sick of all the bullshit moments.

    and amen rush


    i cant beleive how easy it is to piss you guys off, its really more fun to crack jokes 🙂


    Yeah, you are right pants. But this whole “george bush is evil needs to be prosecuted” brand of comedy/social satire is getting raelyl lame. Every day i have to hear some lame fagpuss go on about the evils of the bush presidency/republicans/democrats, and it never fucking ends. Meanwhile they all run back home and jack off into each others hair while fingering each others butts because they think they are so fucking funny or edgy or are the only smraty guyz on the face of the earth.


    @rushv3, i don’t see how complaining is such a bad thing. How else do you improve things? What’s more, i believe it to be a waste of ‘freedom’ if you don’t express your opinions- self improvement is what will ultimately drive your nations (i believe it’s the true sign of a patriot). Sure there have been bad presidents in the U.S, just as there have been useless P.M’s in my country (Australia), but that doesn’t excuse current foul ups and fallacies. That said, thelotuseater725 was right- political affiliations don’t drive policies- these days most candidates are more similar than they… Read more »