Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer Cover (new york for realz)


I shall give 10,000 internets to anyone that can find this IRL and take pictures.

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    A quick Google turned up no results on where this might be…even searching with the text from the “dedication”.



    Looks like it may be at the Bronx Zoo though that article was published back in 1995.


    I can half ass confirm what Lisa said – as I vaguely remember that from some wierd childhood trivia – but I too couldn’t dig up much on google. Someone goto the Bronx Zoo and ask for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle manhole cover – even better – ask for it while dressed as a news reporter in Yellow – wonder if they’ll get it.



    lol always remember or the terrorists win


    Went to the bronx zoo today and asked a few employees about where to find the legendary manhole cover. All I found was a sea full of dumbfounded faces. The search continues


    it used to be directly in front of the reptile house. and then got moved to the area in front where there are now bushes. if its not hidden in the tree its probably in storage.


    I remember seeing it back when i was about 12.just can’t remember where, but it’s definitely real


    There were thefts of manhole covers in New York. The Times did an article. I am suspecting that the TMNT manhole cover has been stolen. www.nytimes.com/2012/05/04/nyregion/thieves-take-con-eds-manhole-covers.html


    Wut does everyone know about the cover,because I have one or it,I guess there was supposed to be only one but there was three made that’s all I know,I was readin comments lookin to see how much it’s worth n I read about it bein legendary so hmu I have it!!


    If you literally own THE manhole cover (or even a legit copy), PLEASE post a pic of it or get in touch with me as it is something of legend for TMNT fans everywhere and i’d love to know more!


    I’ve heard the same story and I have the third one if the Storie is true

    Elizabeth Thomas

    I don’t know where they put it, but I can tell you that this was created by my ex-husband, Greg Thomas, in 1990. I worked for the toy companies PR firm and this was a PR stunt. I still have pictures of the ceremony on city hall steps when it was presented to the city of NY. It was made of plaster, but they caste it a couple of years later and had them placed, but I don’t know where.


    OOOOOOOOO, PLEASE post any pics! My TMNT podcast has been talking about this mysterious spot recently and we’d love to find out more 🙂


    It would be so cool if you could post those pictures from the ceremony online somewhere. I have always seen the picture of the manhole online and only just now when planning a trip to NY wanted to find out its location so I could go see it. So sad to hear that its gone walkies 🙁


    i have pictures of it still in the zoo from 2003 which i think are the most recent i have


    Does anyone know what they are worth?